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2020 Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium

The fourth Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium which took place virtually on 1 Aug 2020, saw an audience of over 800 people.

The symposium, whose theme is “Building and Strengthening Singapore’s Early Childhood Education Research”, featured three speakers from Shenyang Normal University (SNU) and nine local preschool teachers who are graduating from the Master of Education in Early Childhood Education (in Chinese), a programme jointly offered by SUSS and Beijing Normal University.

Professor Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SUSS, highlighted in his opening remarks that the COVID-19 outbreak posed a serious challenge to educational institutions as campuses closed and lessons had to be conducted online. He urged both teachers and students to adapt to the new normal and rise to the challenge.

Professor Dan Fei, Dean of the School of Preschool and Primary Education at Shenyang Normal University, explored the design and benefits of massive open online courses (MOOC). Based on her hands-on online experience, her keynote speech was appropriately titled "Early Childhood Development as MOOC: Curriculum-building and reformation in online learning environments”. Many participants found her speech informative as it was based on empirical evidence and highly relevant to their work. Dr Suo and Dr Wu, who were SUSS’s visiting scholars last year, shared findings from their comparative studies on early childhood education professional development between China and Singapore. The three speakers also answered questions posed by the audience during the live webinar.

The nine local preschool teachers delivered their research presentations, facilitated by Dr Sin Joo Ee, who is Head of the Master and Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education (Chinese) programmes at SUSS. These presentations struck a chord with the audience as they dealt with practical issues faced by industry practitioners. One participant’s comment reflected this sentiment, “Their presentations are based on the local early childhood education scene and their recommendations are useful.”

The compilation of the nine dissertations, Building and Strengthening Singapore's Early Childhood Education Research, will be published this year. Development of Singapore’s Early Childhood Education (1842-2018), co-authored by Dr Sin Joo Ee and Dr Ng Sok Hoon, will also be published this year and the online book launch will be held on 4 September 2020. You can enjoy a 20% discount with the promotional code “SUSS20” if you preorder the two books between 1 Aug to 14 Aug 2020.

The 2020 Singapore Early Childhood Education Chinese Symposium was co-organised by the Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS@SUSS) and the S R Nathan School of Human Development (NSHD).

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