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3H Series developed by Student SUcceSS Centre, Octave Institute and Global Consciousness Institute

As part of SUSS’ commitment to championing lifelong and continuous learning for all, the Student SUcceSS Centre in SUSS has developed the 3H Series, a signature speaker series that exemplifies the university's core educational philosophy of "Head, Heart, Habit."

The 3H Series serves as a dynamic platform that fosters the exchange of expertise, experiences, and perspectives among a diverse array of speakers from both local and international backgrounds. With an emphasis on social entrepreneurship and societal leadership, this initiative is dedicated to delving into significant areas of interest, encompassing both local and global societal trends, critical issues, and social impact endeavours. The panel of speakers is comprised of esteemed individuals representing external organisations from both domestic and international spheres, alongside respected members of the SUSS faculty, dedicated staff, accomplished students, and alumni.

In partnership with the Octave Institute and the Global Consciousness Institute, SUSS organised two masterclasses for business professionals as an extension to the 3H Speaker Series. The Octave Institute, a non-profit division of IMC Pan Asia Alliance Group under Frederick Tsao, and the Global Consciousness Institute were key partners in these endeavours. The Octave Institute aims to promote holistic learning and development to help individuals and organisations thrive in today's rapidly changing world, while the Global Consciousness Institute is dedicated to the scientific study of global consciousness and how it can be harnessed to create positive change in the world.


Professor Chris Laszlo conducting the first masterclass, "Sustainability and ESG as Drivers of Value Creation"

The first masterclass, titled "Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as Drivers of Value Creation," was led by Professor Chris Laszlo on 5 May 2023. A renowned expert in sustainability and possesses profound expertise in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters Professor Laszlo’s extensive literary contributions comprise numerous published books and articles that delve into these subjects. Additionally, he is also the founder of the Sustainable Value Partners consultancy and the co-founder of the Network for Business Sustainability. This masterclass focused on the pivotal role of sustainability and ESG in creating value for organisations. The event deep-dived into profound insights and offered pragmatic strategies aimed at assisting organisations in integrating sustainability and ESG considerations into their core business operations effectively.


Professor Judi Neal conducting the second masterclass, "Archetypes of Change".

The second masterclass, titled “Archetypes of Change”, was led by Professor Judi Neal on 8 May 2023 and focused on exploring the archetypes of change and how these can be used to inspire positive transformation in individuals and organisations. Professor Judi Neal is a leading expert on archetypes and is the founder of the International Center for Spirit at Work. She has authored several books on archetypes and spirituality in the workplace and has conducted extensive research on the subject. In the masterclass, Prof Neal shared her insights on the various archetypes of change and how they can be used to create positive and meaningful change in individuals and organisations.


Professor Tan Tai Yong, President of SUSS, alongside Frederick Tsao, Founder and CEO of Octave Institute

The partnership between the Octave Institute, Global Consciousness Institute and SUSS highlights the growing importance of collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning in today's complex world. By exploring important issues such as sustainability, ESG, and positive transformation in the 3H Series, SUSS is pushing the boundaries of knowledge and promoting best practices in these critical areas. The 3H Series and the masterclasses offer valuable opportunities for business professionals to deepen their understanding of these important issues and gain critical perspectives that will help them become responsible leaders in their organisations and society. 

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