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A Novel Debut for SUSS Dance(x) Soulstice!

Bright smiles from Soulstice members

Bright smiles from Soulstice members after their performance.

Dance(x) Soulstice, SUSS’ contemporary dance crew, embarked on a thrilling and transformative journey by competing at the Contemporary Dance Festival (CODA)! As it was their debut competition experience, members gained a wealth of experience and honed their skills through this valuable opportunity.

The preparation for this venture was a tough yet fulfilling one. Each step of the way led them through uncharted territorities, pushing them to experiment and improvise at every step, honing their ability to react steadfastly. Furthermore, the intricacy of their choreography presented a significant challenge, necessitating countless hours of practice to achieve the desired level of synchronisation and precision. Despite their busy schedules, every practice became an opportunity for fun, enjoyment and continuous improvement.

CODA served as the perfect stage for Soulstice to showcase their passion for contemporary dance and the performance exuded a palpable sense of pride and unity among the members. This competition also encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones and solidified their belief in the power of dance to bring people together and ignite creativity.

Soulstice members conduct a debrief after their performance
Soulstice members conduct a debrief after their performance, reflecting on their success at CODA.

Pearlyn Chen, SUSS Year 3 Social Work student reflected, “Joining a dance competition for the first time brought about a whirlwind of emotions. The decision to join the team in this competition was nerve-wrecking and it was definitely out of my comfort zone to do so but I’m certainly glad that I took that leap of faith. Even though every practice left me tired and anxious, I was still thankful for the opportunity and being able to witness the bonds our team had formed with each other made it all worth it.”

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