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Adventure to Little India – S.G.E Association X New Life Children & Student Care

On 9 June 2023, the spirited SUSS mentors from the Community Service-Learning student group, S.G.E. Association, together with the energetic mentees from New Life Student Care at Teck Whye, embarked on an exciting excursion to Little India. Armed with a spirit of adventure, their mission was to immerse themselves wholeheartedly in the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the area through a series of interactive activities thoughtfully curated by the SUSS mentors.

During the excursion, the group explored four iconic landmarks in Little India: the Indian Heritage Centre, the Former House of Tan Teng Niah, the Little India Arcade, and the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. 

SUSS student mentors with their mentees from New Life Student Care.

Linking the activities to the value of “Accepting Differences” from the P.A.N.D.A. Champs Character Programme of New Life, the mentors focused on experiences that allow their mentees to draw this connection. Unveiling a whole new world rooted in Indian culture, the budding little explorers were encouraged to embrace new experiences such as tasting traditional food and participate in customs unique to the Indian culture. 

Mentee getting a beautiful henna from an artist.

Amidst the excitement, the mentees were tasked to complete activity books that were carefully designed to ensure their adventure was meaningful. The activities were crafted with the help of thinking routine frameworks (“See-Think-Wonder and “A.E.I.O.U”) that guided and scaffolded the mentees’ observation of the surroundings in a more purposeful manner. 

Collaborating to solve the activity book

Through the use of these two thinking routine frameworks, the mentors noticed that the mentees were able to better articulate what they saw and observe more confidently. This also encouraged the mentees to deepen their thinking and broaden their perspectives whenever they observe experiences that are new to them.

Children demonstrated enthusiasm and eagerness to participate in new experiences

Not deterred by the hot weather, the children’s curiosity burned bright, fuelling their desire to soak up more knowledge and adventure at every opportunity presented to them. The mentees were determined to complete the activities at every location, embodying the spirit of 'Perseverance' –– another important value within the "P.A.N.D.A" character program.

All smiles despite the hot weather

Through organising and leading this excursion for the mentees at New Life Student Care, the SUSS mentors understood that their role was more than just a tour guide. They wore the hat of a facilitator, unpacking the curiosity of their mentees’ questions and connecting their observations to everyday life, allowing their learning to be more purposeful and meaningful. 

A fun and fulfilling day of new discoveries!

As the day came to an end, the SUSS mentors witnessed how the excursion bonded everyone together and brought people from different races closer, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and a greater appreciation for Singapore's multicultural identity.

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