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Beyond Luxury: A Glimpse into Business & Security Integration at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

35 SUSS Public Safety and Security Students attended a learning journey conducted by Marina Bay Sands Singapore

On 28 November 2023, 35 SUSS Public Safety and Security Students attended a learning journey conducted by Marina Bay Sands Singapore (MBS), an integrated resort in the heart of Singapore, with an insightful exploration into the realm of cutting-edge security systems. The security infrastructure at MBS is a testament to the resort's commitment to ensuring the safety of its guests and maintaining the integrity of its premises.

The learning journey opened with a sharing on Business Continuity Plan (BCP) by Mr Tan Puay-Kern.

The journey commenced with Mr Tan Puay-Kern, Executive Director of Security at Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd, who delivered an insightful opening speech, emphasising the property's safeguarding approach that is centred on Security-as-a-Service, Security and Business, and Business Continuity Management (BCM). Following this, students enjoyed a guided tour featuring key stops like the Casino, Marquee Nightclub and its Main Security Control. They gained insights into the sophisticated surveillance and security systems that ensure a secure environment for travellers.

A noteworthy feature was the incorporation of advanced surveillance systems utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition technology. The property's extensive area is vigilantly monitored by a network of high-definition cameras strategically positioned to cover every corner. AI algorithms further analyse crowd movements, enhancing the efficient allocation of security resources.

Students were brought on a guided tour with Marquee Nightclub as one of the stops.

The Marquee nightclub has implemented an Evolv Weapons Security system, a contactless solution capable of scanning multiple patrons simultaneously and identifying concealed weapons. Furthermore,  the nightclub employs a strong surveillance system to track the number of patrons, ensuring it remains within the safe limit allowed on the premises.

Overall, the participants found the experience enlightening as it revealed MBS' commitment to security on top of gaining competitive advantage through their strategic investment. In order to cultivate organisational resilience, MBS collaborates with other agencies, trains a large pool of security personnel in Aikido and unarmed combat response, and is always ready to respond, recover and restore in times of emergency. The learning journey provided a captivating insight into the seamless integration of luxury and security.

Reflecting on her experience, Michelle Lim, a Year 1 Public Safety and Security student, expressed, “I have gained valuable insights and a profound understanding of the pivotal role played by the Security Service Department (SSD) at MBS. Having witnessed their daily operations from meticulous surveillance through a plethora of CCTVs to crowd control, they had placed importance in ensuring everyone’s safety within the facilities!”

Ezekiel Wong, another Year 1 Public Safety and Security student, shared, “Overall, I learnt that safety and security should not be taken for granted despite living in a relatively safe country. MBS' self-reliance and investment in security showed that they did not rely solely on the authorities for the safety of their patrons, businesses, and shareholders. They took the initiative to build a safety net. It is crucial to remind ourselves that the greatest enemy to safety and security is complacency.”

This learning journey was organised by the Public Safety and Security Interest Group. Stay tuned for more updates about our PSS IG and their events! 

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