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Building A Compassionate Community with Satoko Fujioka

Ms Satoko Fujioka, co-founder of Hotch-Lodge in Japan, shared her experiences in building a compassionate community by drawing out the potential of older adults and empowering them to support each other. At the seminar organised by SUSS Gerontology Programme and supported by Ngee Ann Kong Si, she talked about how older adults showcase and pass on skills that are deeply rooted in the local cultures of Karuizawa Town in Nagoya, Japan, to the younger generation. At another activity, the local people brought their children to support the older adults with vegetable fieldwork. These good examples of inter-generational activities and active ageing for seniors are relevant for today’s ageing population. Attendees, including practitioners from the care sector, gained insights and best practice ideas from this sharing session.

27 participants, including Alumni from SUSS Gerontology Programme and community partners in the eldercare industry, stayed on past the dialogue segment to connect with the speaker and moderator. Kenneth Wong, Alumni of the SUSS Gerontology Programme, shares his thoughts, "It was refreshing to see what the spirit of passion and community can enable. Hearing Satoko-san share about ‘Hotch-No-Lodge’, a care centre she co-founded, reminded me of how the ‘kampung spirit’ or selflessness can touch lives and help communities thrive even in adversity."