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#CONVERGE3: Connecting with ASEAN Communities and Creating Impact Across

While uncovering the causes of inequalities in the ASEAN region, #CONVERGE3 was a platform where regional undergraduates and social businesses collaborated and explored ways to help eradicate these social issues. Partially supported by the National Youth Council, 83 participants from 16 universities collaborated with community partners from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines over two weeks in September 2021.

Guided by community partner mentors, participants worked together in cross-cultural teams to develop 11 potential solutions to issues faced by the communities, covering themes such as livelihood, preservation of culture and access to markets.

For this rendition of #CONVERGE, emphasis was placed on interacting and engaging with regional communities meaningfully through live interviews, as well as forging authentic connections, developing empathy and deeper appreciation for ASEAN cultures.

Pek Jie Lin, SUSS Early Childhood Education student, shared her experience: “The interview component in the programme was well-executed. I was able to have in-depth conversations with the Vietnamese community and learn more about their lives as well as social problems. This has helped me to gain new perspectives of people's lives outside of Singapore."

“We had several mentors on our CONVERGE journey, which provided community-specific feedback and information that guided our ideation and facilitated our learning journey through reflections and asking thought-provoking questions throughout the programme, which helped us to focus and consolidate our learning,” Chua Kah Hui Emily, SUSS Early Childhood Education student, added.

#CONVERGE3 was held in partnership with our Community Partners & Mentors from:

  • MAD Courses
  • Philippines Native Discovery and Travel
  • Malaysia ECO Vietnam
  • Vietnam Wanderlust, Indonesia
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