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Dance(x) and Faith Music Centre: Unforgettable Unity Through Inclusive Art

Dancers and PWDs dancing to the classic hit “Dancing Queen”.

On 1 and 8 December 2023, nine student dancers from the Dance Interest Group - Dance(x) collaborated with Faith Music Centre (FMC) to bring the joy of movement to Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) at the Singing Lotus concert. This unique initiative by imPAct@Hong Lim Green, a one-stop community space, is part of a community engagement programme for SUSS students.

Eager to contribute to a meaningful project, Dance(x) embraced the opportunity to integrate dance into the lives of PWDs. The collaboration centred around crafting a sit-down dance performance, using the classic hit "Dancing Queen" for its universal appeal and enjoyment for both dancers and PWDs.

The synergy between the iconic beats of "Dancing Queen" and Dance(x)’s graceful movements created a sit-down dance performance that celebrates diversity and barrier-breaking.

As the dancers delved into the world of the FMC students, they understood the nuances of music education for PWDs. Creativity took centre stage as they translated the rhythm within each individual into a choreographic language that transcended conventional dance boundaries.

Celebrating diversity, breaking barriers, and fostering community through the universal language of movement.

Reflecting on the journey, Mabel, the secretary of Dance(x) and a key collaborator, shared her perspective. "This experience has been truly eye-opening for me. Witnessing the transformative power of art in breaking barriers and creating connections has been incredibly rewarding. As dancers, we often underestimate the impact our craft can have. Through this collaboration, I've not only shared my love for dance but also gained a profound understanding of the strength of unity and the transformative power of inclusive art."

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