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Insightful Conversations With Our Seniors

The SUSS Gerontology Programme and the Nation for Future Seniors (NFS) launched their first-ever online live inter-generation dialogue in Singapore which involved SUSS Master's degree students, alumni and seniors whose ages range from 30 to 70 years old.

The aim was to blend studies with reality and to overcome the digital divide by letting seniors make use of the digital space.The dialogue focused on three topics: 1) Are seniors a burden to society? 2) How does technology affect seniors? 3) How do seniors approach death? The third topic brought the most inspiring and thought-provoking conversations, where one senior advocated that we should teach our grandchildren about death. 

What set this dialogue apart was the focus on the mindset change for students and seniors. The dialogue prompted the seniors to think about how their perception of age makes a difference in their outlook on life.

Thanks to the support from U 3rd Age, the online sessions reached out to about 1,000 people with over 400 engagements! Look out for the next inter-generation dialogue conducted by NFS where future topics for discussion may include senior entrepreneurship, senior marriage, senior co-living, and more!

Check out the dialogue at the NFS Facebook page here.
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