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Empowering Entrepreneurial Minds: Impact Startup Challenge Programme in Shenzhen

Amidst the buzz about the Smart City Collaboration between Singapore and Shenzhen, Mr Joseph Leong, Permanent Secretary for Communications and Information in Singapore, highlighted our shared commitment to harnessing digital technology as a force for the greater good. He championed the Smart City initiative as the ultimate launchpad for collaborative adventures in cutting-edge domains.

In September 2023, SUSS launched one of its first regional Success Academies in Shenzhen, in partnership with Bay Area Network. As part of the Success Academy’s initiative to extend SUSS programmes to students regionally, the SUSS Office of Entrepreneurship organised one of its signature programmes, the Impact Startup Challenge (ISC). This programme is an entrepreneurship boot camp that saw students from SUSS and Shenzhen University (SZU) come together to nurture ideas for social impact. ISC aims to nurture entrepreneurial spirits and foster innovation among students through cross-cultural collaborations. With the theme “Tech for Social Good”, the programme aligned with the principles of smart city development seamlessly, integrating entrepreneurship to drive forward innovative solutions for smarter and more sustainable urban landscapes.

  Group photo taken with He Jun

Group photo taken with He Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Management at Shenzhen University.

The programme kicked off with an inspirational opening speech by He Jun, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Management at Shenzhen University. He highlighted Shenzhen's remarkable evolution from a humble fishing village to a global innovation hub as well as the city's emphasis on high-tech industries, fashion, and futuristic technologies positions it as a key player in the Greater Bay Area.

Group photo with co-founder of Martubegift

Group photo with Napi Gao Xinxin 高欣欣(first row, fourth from the right), co-founder of Martubegift.

The programme itinerary featured visits to a social enterprise, a startup ecosystem, and an incubator. The first destination was Martubegift, a platform dedicated to cultivating channels for cultural products that engage and inspire young minds. This visit underscored Shenzhen's dedication to fostering diversity and creativity. Subsequently, students explored Red Motion Picture, where they experienced firsthand the convergence of cutting-edge technology with the film industry, providing insights into the seamless integration of technology, creativity, and business. Finally, at Shenzhen innoX, students delved into the intricacies of the startup processes, emphasising the significance of teamwork and support.

The site visits ended at Link Accessibility, which underlines the value of inclusive design in startups and encourages students to think about how tech solutions impact society. This visit aims to broaden budding entrepreneurs' perspectives, showcasing how technology can meet diverse user needs. Link Accessibility's dedication to inclusivity inspires students as they reflect on the societal angle of their ventures.

The pinnacle of the Impact Startup Challenge is the much-anticipated Demo Day. Armed with newfound knowledge, experiences, and mentorship, participants showcase their innovative ideas and business plans to a distinguished panel of judges.


From left to right: Yanzong Zheng (郑颜宗), Entrepreneurship and competition mentor, Alex Cai (蔡勇弟), General Manager of Easylink International Logistics Corporation, Coco Sun (孙婧), President of ABC (A Better Community) & Rebecca Li (李玥) Director of Strategic Relations of Glacier Capital.

A big congratulations to our winners of the Demo Day! Coming in third place, we have Mobylink, a startup aiming to bridge artists and physical stores, creating an artistic Intellectual Property (IP) library to boost artists' influence. Offering consultancy, it connects artists with merchants, fostering co-branded product consumption and partnerships.


From left to right: 张曼琪 (SZU), Wang Xin TianSUSS), 马益慧 (SZU), Yip Hong Yee (SUSS) and  Zhang Wen Jing (SUSS).

In second place, we have Intellicool, a smart fridge tech accessory, that combats food waste with a built-in camera to monitor freshness. Its application offers real-time views, expiration alerts, and recipe recommendations, targeting tech-savvy urban professionals.


From left to right: Leng Yi Hui (SUSS), 徐玮婧 (SZU),  Jothika D/O IlangoSUSS, 宋荪亚 (SZU) and Chia Pei RongSUSS).

Clinching the top spot was Careerpilot.AI, a platform that streamlines career development with advanced AI, offering personalised job matching, interview preparation, resume building, and job reviews for efficient skill enhancement, ensuring students find their ideal employment quickly.

From left to right: 黄干 (SZU), 蔡易翰 (SZU), Shirley Loh (SUSS) and Hannah Cheong (SUSS).

As the curtains draw on this entrepreneurial journey, the Impact Startup Challenge leaves an indelible mark on the students from both universities. Equipped with not only validated business ideas but also a profound understanding of Shenzhen's entrepreneurial legacy, these young innovators have contributed meaningfully to the city's continued excellence in entrepreneurship. The connections forged and knowledge gained during the programme lay the foundation for a future where these participants play a vital role in Shenzhen's entrepreneurial landscape!

Ready to take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level? Join our Impact Startup Challenge programme to get a taste of what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. Seize this chance to explore, innovate, and make a positive impact on the startup landscape! Sign up for the upcoming info session to find out more about next semester's tracks here!

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