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From Idea to Launch: Students from SUSS Venture Builder Programme Share Their Insights

Group Picture
Venture Builder January 2023 Demo Day 

The SUSS Venture Builder (VB) Programme nurtures and supports aspiring entrepreneurs to launch successful impact-driven enterprises. Students will undergo a three-month intensive programme to learn essential skills for building a business with confidence and success. Students were also given the option of participating in two tracks located in Singapore or in Medan, Indonesia.

Of the 20 students who participated in the VB programme, two of them were hosted by Wilmar Bisnis Indonesia Polytechnic (WBI) in Indonesia. With WBI's support, the students had the opportunity to test their business idea in the local market, validate it, and establish valuable connections through networking. During the same period, the remaining 18 students in Singapore attended various workshops, networking sessions, and received guidance from mentors throughout the programme.

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Full-time Business Analytics Student & Founder of Glam Deals SG, Ezekiel Woo Kai Yi

Ezekiel Woo Kai Yi, a full-time student in Business Analytics, founded Glam Deals SG, a telegram group channel that compiles discounted beauty products from various stores located in Singapore. He shared that the VB programme was a useful platform that offered him an opportunity to develop his start-up. The customer discovery phase has allowed him to empathise with potential clients and understand their pain points, while mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs assisted him in refining his business idea and pitch. He shared how he was taught effective marketing strategies during the networking sessions and workshops, enabling Glam Deals SG to acquire 1,000 subscribers in less than five weeks. The programme provided him with comprehensive methodologies and frameworks which allowed him to develop innovative solutions with a real impact on people's lives.

Fei Yee Picture
Founder of MediBridge, Tan Fei Yee

Tan Fei Yee participated in the VB Indonesia track and founded MediBridge, a platform that offers teleconsultation services with overseas medical specialists from around the world. The SUSS VB Programme appealed to her as it offers a regional track in Indonesia, the largest ASEAN market and the fourth largest market in the world. Indonesia's huge market opportunities and SUSS's industry-oriented VB Programme were the two key factors that enticed her to participate in this programme. During the programme, she found it enriching and holistic, as it offered a wide spectrum of tools ranging from relevant entrepreneurship classes, and mentorship sessions with business experts, to networking sessions and a hosted stay in Indonesia. The programme also allowed her to build networks with partners in Indonesia and provided a good springboard to establish her start-up in the large and complex Indonesian market.

In collaboration with WBI, a Demo Day was held at SUSS on on April 17, 2023 to mark the commitment and diligence of the students at the end of the 3-month programme. It has featured 18 pitches, with 12 teams from Singapore and 4 teams from Indonesia. SUSS would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to WBI for offering a valuable opportunity for students to be part of this programme. 

Through this SUSS Venture Builder Programme, students are empowered to pursue their enterprising dreams as it equips them with the essential knowledge and skills through its workshops, mentorship, networking opportunities, and exposure to real-world challenges. This programme also serves as a testament to the commitment of SUSS in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and driving positive impact in the business world.

Take the first step towards building your own successful impact-driven venture and apply for the SUSS Venture Builder Programme today!

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