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Global Leadership Symposium – Engaging, Enabling, Empowering Talents & Organisations for New Times

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SUSS-UOB-SMF 2023 Global Leadership Symposium: Engaging, Enabling, Empowering Talents and Organisations for New Times

In an inaugural collaboration between the United Overseas Bank (UOB), Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), and Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), the 2023 Global Leadership Symposium marked the commencement of a transformative series set to unfold over the next three years. This initiative, aimed at fostering global leadership skills amongst executives, industry professionals and students, seeks to cultivate a new generation of local leaders with a global perspective and a commitment to social good. This year’s symposium, themed "Engaging, Enabling, Empowering Talents and Organisations for New Times", encapsulates the pressing need for effective leadership in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, compounded by the accelerating rise of artificial intelligence.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_096
Opening address from Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President.

With more than 450 attendees comprising industry executives, HR professionals, academia, and students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), the symposium kicked off with a warm welcome address from Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_107
Token of Appreciation presented to Mr. Lennon Tan, for his invaluable contributions.

Mr Lennon Tan, the President of SMF and Group Chairman of ADERA Global Pte Ltd, then took the stage to deliver an insightful opening address, setting the tone for the engaging discussions that would follow.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_171
Presentation by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

In addition, we are honoured to have Dr Marshall Goldsmith, an internationally renowned leadership coach, as the keynote speaker. Dr Marshall Goldsmith, World's #1 Leadership Thinker (Harvard Business Review), captivated the audience with his presentation on the qualities of effective leadership. He has authored several best-selling books, including "What Got You Here Won't Get You There," "Mojo," and "Triggers". Through an inspiring and engaging presentation, Dr Goldsmith provided valuable insights that left the audience equipped with newfound tools and perspectives that they can use in their daily practise of leadership and coaching.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_109
Token of Appreciation presented to Mr. Ian Wong for his invaluable contribution.

In a thought-provoking speech titled "Thriving Internationally and Intentionally," Mr Ian Wong, Managing Director & Head of Group International Management at UOB, shared his invaluable insights. He spoke about how a nurturing coaching and mentoring organisational culture rallies, unites and enables employees and teams to contribute sustainably to their fullest potential with purpose, happiness and dedication.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_401
Panel discussion by Dr. Peter Chee, Dr. Victor Seah, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Mr Ian Wong and Mr Melvin Tan (from left to right)

One of the key highlights of the symposium was the panel discussion moderated by Dr Peter Chee, CEO of ITD World, based on the symposium theme. The distinguished panel included Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Dr Victor Seah, Acting Director, SUSS Centre of Excellence for Behavioural Insights at Work, Mr Ian Wong and Mr Melvin Tan, Vice President and Honorary Secretary of SMF. The panellists shared deep insights on how leadership works in various local and international contexts.

20231019_SUSS - UOB - SMF - Global Leadership Symposium_244
Book signing by Dr Marshall Goldsmith

As the symposium came to a close, it left the attendees eager to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth. As the Global Leadership Symposium sets the stage for future editions, it promises to be a beacon for fostering leadership excellence, and a pivotal force in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

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