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Hiking with a Purpose: Combining Love for the Outdoors with Community Service

On December 3rd 2022, a team of 12 SUSS students volunteered for the Youth ConnectHike initiative, which marked the first student-led community engagement project in partnership with the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). The team carefully crafted and executed a Bingo-themed hike along the Southern Ridges, aimed at engaging and empowering a group of childhood cancer survivors. Through this initiative, the team successfully created an interactive and memorable experience that fostered a sense of community and provided the children with an opportunity to socialize and connect with their peers.  

Inspired by CCF’s support after her brother was diagnosed with childhood leukaemia in 2015, Year 2 student leader Rebecca Koh, embarked on this project with fellow student leader Meira Ayuni to give back to a cause that she felt strongly for.  

Meira Ayuni, Year 3 student shared, “Having the members from the outdoor adventure club join us on this project enabled us to create awareness and build a more inclusive environment for childhood cancer survivors while sharing our love for hiking with them.”