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Launch of XL Academy: Developing SUSS Student Leaders

How does SUSS help our student community to pursue their personal and community-centric leadership goals? The XL Academy, launched by the SUSS Office of Student Life in 2020, has initiated some programmes to enhance our students’ leadership capacity!

It also focuses on developing individual unique potential through self-discovery journeys and imparting specific skill sets to effectively influence and navigate the external environment. Over 400 student participants from both the full-time and part-time programmes have since joined its events. Check out the programmes of XL Academy below!



Andrew Matthews conducting an online networking session on happiness

In 2020, multiple programmes were organised with the intent of inculcating resilience, widening their perspective on leadership, and enhancing cohesion amongst student leaders themselves. Some of the key events and workshops include an online networking session on “Happiness – a daily decision” by Andrew Matthews, a world-renowned author and international speaker, a virtual talk on the “Building Resilience and Motivation in Turbulent Times” by Rob Lilwall, IMPACT Leadership Mentoring Programme, and more!



IMPACT Leadership Mentoring Programme

To further build our students’ leadership capacity, the Academy introduced a 2.5 credit-unit course on “Lead and Influence” to provide an overview of leadership theory and application.

In future, the Academy looks to expand our leadership development opportunities to all SUSS students, including continued development and engagement of the XL Academy, and student leadership projects.

Student leaders can also look forward to networking sessions and peer mentoring programmes. Stay tuned as current projects will focus on succession planning to ensure continued growth and impact!

To find out more on the XL Academy or to participate, visit the XL Academy page or contact the SUSS Office of Student Life at

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