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Learning to Be Grounded with Ground Zeros: The Story of Reave's Unwavering Entrepreneurial Spirit

The world of entrepreneurship might be endless and filled with hardships. Yet, it's the only journey that could reward one with a copious amount of fulfilment through its milestones. What started as a means to provide a source of income for his family became a mission for Reave to develop a startup he's passionate about.

Reave 1_edit
Ng Chee Woon (Reave), Founder of Swimmerse Swim School

Reave started his first business at 17, a tutoring agency, and began marketing on the ground with flyers outside of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). It seemed like the perfect idea, as the service had an increasing demand and required little to no capital. His first venture taught the then-very-green Reave that entrepreneurship goes beyond demand and capital, as the business failed due to his limited network.

Reave 2_edit
Reave was selected to participate by SUSS and awarded with Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) Leadership & Service Award (LSA).

With a keen interest in sports, Reave decided to become a swimming instructor and establish Swimmerse, a swim school. Driven by his need to push the limits of Swimmerse, Reave wanted to introduce new equipment in the swim industry through e-commerce by diving into mobile app and web development. He joined Alibaba Cloud – SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme to work on his idea, and gain access to resources and network with fellow entrepreneurs.

When asked what his failures meant to him, Reave answered thoughtfully. To Reave, "failure" holds a special meaning. He has encountered many hardships with his failures, some of which were devastating. Looking back over the years, he has come to understand and appreciate his failures. He views most of them as a point of growth, which keeps him grounded by deciphering which dreams are unrealistic.

Reave wants to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to "never give up on their dreams, no matter how difficult the obstacles may seem." To those who are or are keen on pursuing this journey, Reave assures them that "We all have the power to overcome any challenge we face. It is not easy, but it is possible. We just need to believe in ourselves and never give up."

In the face of challenges, perseverance is the key to succeeding. Discover how you can succeed with us on your entrepreneurial journey. Join the Alibaba Cloud – SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme to gain resources and scale your startups now!

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