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Making Noise with Amid the Noise: a combined concert by SUSS’ Dance & Music Interest Groups

In collaboration with SUSS' Better Together Challenge, more than 100 dedicated students from SUSS' Full-time degrees and SUSS' Part-time degrees, united to present Amid the Noise. This captivating two-night concert jointly hosted by SUSS Dance(x) and the Music Interest Group (MIG) was not only a platform to showcase their talents but also a means to raise funds for both the interest groups and the President's Challenge. The concert attracted over 300 enthusiastic attendees and successfully raised more than $13,000! 

Amid the Noise was a two-day show hosted at the Japanese Association Singapore

The concert featured performances from the three genre subgroups within Dance(x), including Soulstice, KDC, and SensaXion, as well as two subgroups within MIG, Voices and Jammers. Each performer underwent rigorous training and preparation to deliver their best on stage. With less than three months to conceive, plan, and execute the show, the organising committee, composed of members from both Interest Groups, came together in unity to support one another throughout the process.

Intan Nurhidayah, Chairperson of MIG and a Year 3 student from SUSS' Bachelor of Communication degree programme shared, “Organising, executing and performing for Amid the Noise has been a whole journey and a half. Learning to work not only with the Office of Student Life but also another Interest Group has broadened my horizons and made me excited for the future of performing arts in SUSS!” 

Through the noise of everyday life, performers blared louder and shone brighter for the concert

For some performers, this was one of their first few performance opportunities in SUSS, and many found meaning in sharing the stage with their peers. Hector Poh, Chairperson of Dance(x) and a Year 3 Psychology student shared, “Amid the Noise was the first concert that we got to be a part of, and a rollercoaster of a journey would be an understatement. Stressful yet rewarding, tiring yet fulfilling.”

Supporters of the performers had a rocking good time with the show

With blood, sweat, and tears coming together to produce a spectacular performance, audiences consisting of loved ones and supporters sang and cheered their hearts out for the performers, and were seen thoroughly enjoying themselves through the night. Through this concert, both Dance(x) and MIG members were given the opportunity to showcase their skills that were painstakingly honed across numerous practices.

SUSS Dance(x) and MIG extend their heartfelt gratitude, especially to the SUSS Student Success Centre and Mr Lennon Tan, President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation, for their invaluable support, assistance, and resources, which played a pivotal role in making Amid the Noise a resounding success.

Look at the wide smiles of our performers after the concert!

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