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Mitigating the Rise of Cyber Scam Alerts

In contemporary times, the increasing occurrence of scams is a major source of concern. In 2020 alone, more than 15,000 cases were reported, which works out to about 40 to 50 cases daily, resulting in a total of $201 million being extorted from victims. Technology has also allowed scammers to tap on online platforms to execute their crimes. As a result, e-commerce scams have become the most prevalent form of scam amongst others like investment and love scams.

To counter the rise of cyber scams, students from the Public Safety & Security Interest Group (PSSIG) conducted a virtual Focus Group Discussion on the 2nd of July 2021 aimed at understanding more about such crimes and developing solutions to mitigate and deter the increasing trend of scams through gathering insights from participants.

Lively exchange between participants at the event

The virtual session, facilitated by six PSSIG members, saw a cosy group of 12 participants. They hailed from varied backgrounds, contributing different perspectives on scams in an enriching discussion. During the session, participants shared their views on the rising trend of scams as well as personal stories of having previously fallen prey to many different types of scams. The candid sharing allowed them to 'understand more about the different types and impacts of scams’, as recounted by one of the participants.

Liew Wenzheng, SUSS’ year 2 FTPSS student, who was humbled by the opportunity to lead a PSSIG project team and conduct a focus group discussion on scams, shared, “It was a fruitful experience where both the organising team and participants were able to impart valuable knowledge and take away key learning points which made the tedious organising process worth it!” he enthused.


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