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More than a Dance Exchange: SUSS Dance(x) Soulstice Steps Out to Grow

Earlier in March, SUSS Dance(x) Soulstice (the contemporary arm of SUSS Dance Interest Group) collaborated with NTU Contemp{minated} on a dance exchange which exposed the members to the local varsity dance scene. Hosted by NTU Contemp{minated}, the collaboration allowed the dancers to experience different styles of dance and forged friendships through their common passion.  

“Some of our dancers had only picked up contemporary dancing after joining SUSS Soulstice. With the genre of contemporary dance being so vast, this exchange was a good opportunity for the dance members to experience something different and encourage mutual learning amongst dancers,” shared Juztin Joseph, Year 1 student from SUSS' Bachelor of Accountancy degree programme and Vice-Chairperson for Soulstice. 

Members of Soulstice were excited about the dance exchange and were ready to step out of their comfort zones. For most of them, the highlight of the dance exchange was the opportunity to learn from the resident instructor of NTU Contemp{minated}, Shannon Choo, who gave the members a refreshing experience of being taught under a different dance instructor.  

The group commemorating the end of their exchange with resident instructor of NTU Contemp{minated}, Shannon Choo

Dance members Grace Thian and Muhammad Gaddafy described the exchange with NTU and the experience of learning from a new teacher as enjoyable and fulfilling. Grace also noted the importance for dancers to be exposed to different teaching styles and techniques to enable them to grow as dancers. “While this dance exchange pushed us past our comfort zone, it also opened my eyes to the possibilities of fusing different dance styles. I hope there will be more of such opportunities to broaden our dance exposure,” added Gaddafy.

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