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PAddle ‘N’ Klean Challenge with SUSS Outdoor Adventure – Doing Our Part for the Environment!

Over the two weeks of term break in March 2023, SUSS Outdoor Adventure (ODA) went on kayak clean-ups as part of their monthly kayaking sessions. A total of 15 students had the opportunity to take part in a fulfilling morning of kayaking, divided into two sessions. These sessions were in conjunction with the PAddle 'N' Klean challenge held yearly by PAssion WaVe, to keep our local waters clean.  

Kayaking with a view!
Students with their collected trash posing in front of the iconic 13-arch white rainbow bridge at Chinese Garden.

Members from the Interest Group (IG) started the morning at PAssion WaVe @ Jurong Lake where they were briefed on the kayaking boundaries and instructions to adhere to before collecting and checking their equipment. Members then went on to carry the open-deck kayaks to the pontoon for launch off. 

All smiles
Students kayaking along Jurong Lake Gardens.

As some participants were fairly new to kayaking, the student leader of the event patiently shared their knowledge of essential basic skills before proceeding with the clean-up activities. Equipped with buckets and tongs provided by PAssion WaVe, members picked up the litter along the waterways while paddling together.  

Students picking litter with the tongs provided.

With two purposeful kayak clean-up sessions, SUSS ODA was able to clock a total distance of 6.49KM and picked up 34.39KG of litter, achieving an overall placing of 4th in the PAddle 'N' Klean Challenge 2023! Besides deepening their interest in outdoor activities, the members took away a greater sense of appreciation for nature.  

Students picking litter with the tongs provided.

Although engaging in water sports like kayaking can be daunting for first-timers, the participants displayed remarkable resilience as they exhibited confidence and resilience throughout the event. They also had the chance to forge new friendships with their peers while doing good for the environment. 

Paddle _N_ Klean Challenge Leaderboard
SUSS ODA IG came in 4th amongst 40 participating teams.

Muhammad Salihin Bin Masnor, Water Sports Head of SUSS ODA, reiterated to the members at the end of the session that “while we can’t pick all the trash in the water, we can alter our individual habits on the use of plastics and ensure that it is recycled or disposed of responsibly,”.  

Nurin Natasha, a Year 2 full-time student from SUSS' Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree, also noted that it was a very meaningful experience for her, saying that she “gets to meet like-minded individuals that want to make Singapore a cleaner & greener city.” 

SUSS ODA IG members posing for a picture with their collected trash.

Ernie Herlynni, a Year 2 full-time student from SUSS' Bachelor of Public Safety and Security degree, reflects, “The session made me realise that it’s not as easy to pick up trash in the water compared to on land as they can get tangled and even hidden amongst vegetation. We only have one Earth to take care of, so we should all play our part in ensuring that we discard our trash responsibly.” 

Students can look forward to more of these sessions with SUSS ODA so stay tuned for upcoming events! 

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