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Proposing and Embracing Transformational Change in the 2nd Australian IEOM Conference

On 14 November 2023, Heng Li Ying, a Year 4 full-time student majoring in Supply Chain Management, achieved a remarkable triumph in the Lean Six Sigma Competition Track at the second Australian Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM) Conference. As the sole SUSS representative, this esteemed opportunity added a distinct layer of accomplishment to her academic journey. Her paper also garnered recognition by being indexed in prestigious academic research sites such as EBSCO, Google Scholar and the IEOM Index.

Motivated by her passion for writing and a curiosity about the evolving world, Li Ying embraced the challenge of crafting a research paper within a tight timeframe of three months. Juggling this task while navigating the demands of her rigorous academic schedule and Japanese lessons showcased her commitment to academic excellence. The experience of presenting at a global conference was a memorable feat that not only provided her with a platform to share research contributions on an international scale but also opened her eyes to the dynamic realms of engineering and operations management.

A snapshot of Li Ying at the event

Undoubtedly, the prospect of presenting her work on a global platform for the first time made Li Ying nervous. But she did not allow it to overwhelm her. Drawing strength from her past experiences and the encouragement from her peers, Li Ying delivered her presentation confidently, ultimately securingfirst place in the competition.

Advocating a Balanced Synergy via the Shingo Model for a Conducive E-Procurement Culture in Organisation X

Her project supervisor, Associate Professor Tay Huay Ling, Deputy Director at SUSS Centre for Continuing & Professional Education (CCPE), played a pivotal role by offering valuable support and guidance throughout Li Ying’s research paper journey. Associate Professor Tay Huay Ling received the Global Business Management Award from the IEOM Society for her contributions as a plenary speaker at the conference.

Reflecting on the experience, Associate Professor Tay Huay Ling shared, “Li Ying has shown great potential and enthusiasm in her project. We had rehearsed her presentation a few times before the competition day. She has put in very good efforts and I am glad she emerged first.”

For Li Ying, this experience held deep meaning, as she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to venture beyond her comfort zone. She shared that these pursuits not only equipped her with valuable behavioural traits and technical skills for her future career but also fostered sustainable connections with like-minded individuals, unlocking new insights into languages, cultures, and affairs.

Li Ying would like to express her heartfelt appreciation to the IEOM Society's organising committee, Associate Professor Tay Huay Ling, and the SUSS Office of Student Life for enriching her undergraduate journey and playing instrumental roles in realising her aspirations.

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