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Public Safety and Security (PSS) members hosted students and staff from Rabdan Academy

In August 2023, students and staff from Rabdan Academy in the United Arab Emirates visited Singapore on a week-long trip. As a return for hosting students from the PSS Programme in March, the Public Safety and Security (PSS) faculty and PSS Interest group gave a warm welcome as they attended lessons in SUSS and went on insightful learning journeys to the Singapore Police Coast Guard (PCG), Forensics Management Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), and the Home Team Academy (HTA).

The visit to Police Coast Guard Headquarters was an insightful one as the Rabdan Academy students were shown PCG's scope of operations, impressive new fleet, and its capabilities. They were then brought on a tour of the training facilities, including the range and a boat-capsising simulator. These facilities train the officers in extremely accurate environments so that officers stay sharp during their deployments. 

The highlight of the day was riding PCG’s state-of-the-art Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator. It precisely replicates one of the boats in PCG’s fleet, and on board, Rabdan Academy got to control the boat and respond to a simulated scenario of a suspicious boat. Under the guidance of the instructor, they had the opportunity to experience first-hand how the PCG responds to seaborne threats in the safety and comfort of the training facility. 

Photo 1_cropped
Rabdan Academy delegates and PSS IG students after an exciting experience on PCG's Tactical Boat Handling and Firing Simulator

The next visit was hosted by the Forensics Management Division of the CID. The tour started with a sharing by several forensics specialists from the CID on the capabilities of Singapore’s crime scene investigation. The Rabdan Academy students, some of whom are police officers in Saudi Arabia, shared their own experiences, and both sides exchanged insightful ideas which helped them learn from each other. 

After the sharing, CID showcased the various tools and equipment in their lab. One of the most interesting equipment was a 3D camera used to capture an immersive view of the crime scene so that investigators may preserve the evidence for future use, allowing them to release the crime scene as soon as possible. The tour was concluded by the students attempting to identify and piece together clues in a mock crime scene. 

Photo 2_ CID_cropped
Rabdan Academy delegates at the Criminal Investigation Department with Associate Professor Soh Kee Hean, Head, Certificate/Minor in Criminal Investigation at SUSS School of Humanities and Behavioural Sciences and PSS IG representatives

The final visit to the Home Team Academy Simulation Centre was eye-opening, offering profound insights into the rigorous training undergone by our Home Team officers. By utilising interactive technology to replicate real-life situations, the centre's simulations aim to recreate emergency and crisis scenarios with remarkable authenticity. These scenarios are meticulously mapped out in four distinct areas of Singapore, down to individual buildings. 

The visit also showcased simulations for handling critical situations like riots, bomb threats and suicide cases, emphasising the centre's role in preparing officers effectively for real-life scenarios. In the simulation suite, trainees experience highly realistic 3D environments replicating key parts of Singapore and can access real-time information flow from various communication means. This centre's work is vital in ensuring officer preparedness and effectiveness. 

Photo 3_ HTA_cropped
Rabdan Academy delegate gifting Mr Ngee Poon, Director of the Centre for Home Team Simulation, a token of appreciation

The PSS members are grateful for this partnership and is proud to host Rabdan Academy during their visit. 

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