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Public Safety and Security (PSS) PRIMORDIUS: Freshmen Orientation Programme 2023

PHOTO1_PSS Primordius Group Photo
A total of 57 freshmen started their university journey with PSS PRIMORDIUS

Public Safety and Security Interest Group's second physical freshmen orientation programme, PSS PRIMORDIUS, marked the much-anticipated initiation of a new academic year with 57 full-time freshmen in attendance. The programme commenced with an address by Associate Professor Razwana Begum, setting the tone for a day filled with excitement and team building.

The morning started with engaging icebreakers and thrilling mass games that fostered a stronger sense of camaraderie among the participants. These activities effectively dismantled initial barriers and facilitated the creation of meaningful bonds among incoming freshmen, regardless of their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

A highlight of PSS PRIMORDIUS was ‘The Purge’, where the freshmen were plunged into a dystopian world and had to escape via a series of five game stations, each centred around one of the minors of the SUSS' Bachelor of Public Safety and Security (PSS) degree programme. The freshmen eagerly delved into the intricacies of Criminology, Psychosocial Intervention, Crisis Management, Food Security, and Cybersecurity tracks. Each station presented different challenges and activities designed to hone their creative and critical thinking skills through a fun approach.

As the day progressed, the excitement reached its peak with 'The Final Countdown’. In this thrilling finale, the freshmen showcased their creativity and teamwork as they constructed structures using materials gathered from the game stations. With beaming smiles, the freshmen gathered for the closing ceremony where prizes were awarded to those who excelled in various challenges throughout the day.

Conclusion of the event on a high note, with winners receiving prizes

PSS PRIMORDIUS 2023 not only succeeded in providing invaluable insights into the world of Public Safety and Security, but also created an environment of inclusivity, collaboration, and determination among the incoming freshmen. With newfound friendships and a greater understanding of their chosen field, the AY23/24 batch of freshmen embarked on their academic journey at SUSS with a sense of purpose and unity that will undoubtedly shape their future in this vital domain.

Chua Yu Heng, one of the participating PSS freshmen, recounted his experience: “During the orientation, I met people from all walks of life and was glad to find people with similar aspirations. It was also nice to have friendly PSS seniors engage us and share their experiences. I look forward to a fulfilling journey in PSS.”

Tang Pei Xuan, a Year 2 PSS student and an integral member of the PSS PRIMORDIUS organising team, shared: "It was a memorable experience being part of the orientation! Seeing the newly joined PSS students enjoying themselves and bonding with each other made all the hard work worth it in the end!" 

Stay tuned to find out more about PSS IG and their events.

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