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Public Safety & Security (PSS) Halloween: A Welfare Initiative by PSS IG, for the Community

More than 53 students attended PSS HALLOWEEN 2023 - a spooktacular and delightful night.

In the spirit of Halloween, the student community from SUSS' Bachelor of Public Safety and Security (PSS) degree programme gathered in a spine-chilling event organised by the Public Safety & Security Interest Group (PSS IG) on 27 October 2023. With an overwhelming turnout of over 53 participants, the event was a spectacular gathering of all things eerie and mysterious. Enthusiastic participants showcased their spookiest attire, ranging from classic horror icons to inventive, imaginative ensembles.

The night commenced with a Pumpkin Hunt, before coming alive (or undead) with exhilarating station games. Students engaged in rounds of 'Dead by Daylight,' immersing themselves in a thrilling game of survival, and dabbled in the strategic game of 'Mafia'. The Emoji Game, a test of deciphering horror flicks using only emojis, added an element of brain-teasing fun to the mix while the 'You Scream, You Lose' game tested their ability to resist jumpscares.

A photo scavenger hunt transported participants on a journey across the school campus. Participants were provided with a list of items and locations they needed to capture in photographs. The thrill of the hunt came from the competitive aspect as well, as participants raced to check off items on their lists to receive hints leading to the location of a “missing” member.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the thrilling Saw-inspired escape room where it, captivated participants with cryptic puzzles in a tense atmosphere as they raced against time to escape. The escape room added a unique and unforgettable element to the Halloween event, leaving participants with memories of a night filled with spine-tingling excitement and camaraderie.

Finalists of the best-dressed competition pose together for a picture as the night came to a close.

The event culminated in the 'Best Dressed' award where students showcased their creative and eerie costumes, ranging from classic horror characters to famous icons. The winner, dressed as ‘Valak’, was crowned amidst a chorus of cheers and applause.

The night pulsated with a sense of community and camaraderie, weaving together an evening where fear met fun, and students found themselves bound by the spirit of the season as well as the celebration of the end of the semester.

Harun Balakrishnan, Year 1 PSS student remarked, “It was a great event conducted by the IG. It was a wonderful opportunity to get our coursemates together despite our busy schedules. The games that were curated for the event were also fun and light-hearted, providing a good break from school and the assignments. Overall, it was a well-planned event and I am looking forward to the one next year!”

Hong Siong Yeo, a Year 2 PSS student also chimed in with positive energy, "It was great and pretty cool to see people coming in their costumes and with props. It helped to break the ice a little when meeting new people."

Stay tuned for more PSS IG’s updates and events!

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