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Return of the Institute Varsity-Polytechnic Games

The highly anticipated Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games (IVP) returned once again from 9 January to 26 January! Bagging home eight medals and podium finishes, Team SUSS did us proud once again with another stellar performance at this year’s event!

Photo 2 - Floorball Men
SUSS Floorball Men’s team celebrates their Silver achievement.

First up, the SUSS Floorball Men’s team fought ferociously against their younger opponents from Republic Polytechnic in the high-stakes finals and attained the silver position! Despite missing the top spot, the team displayed exceptional sportsmanship and graciousness in a gut-wrenching defeat. “Though we did not achieve champions for IVP, the team feels the support given by the school, advisor, and coach, which has been extremely helpful for our journey,” offered Mohamad Haris Bin Abdul, SUSS Year 4 Sports and Physical Education Major student and captain of the team.

Photo 3 - Bowling
SUSS’ triumphant bowling team after IVP 2024.

On the bowling front, the SUSS Bowling team similarly displayed unwavering commitment, dedication, and hunger for success. In the team category, the women's team performed outstandingly and secured the silver and bronze medals in the Doubles 1 and 2 categories respectively! "It wasn’t easy to maintain focus, but we knew we needed to make every throw count. With the support of our teammates, we persevered and fought with tenacity,” reflected Nur Amirah Ng, SUSS Year 3 Finance Major student and captain bowler, of her unforgettable experience.

Photo 5 - Road Race
SUSS Road Race athletes at the starting point.

Meanwhile, athletes from the Athletics Competition Group snagged medals in the ‘Road Race’ and ‘Track and Field’, flying the SUSS flag high in their competitions as always!

Photo 6 - Badminton
SUSS Women's Badminton players with their bronze medals.

Through nail-biting matches against their competitors, the Badminton Women’s team also clinched an overall third position. Sim Jin Hwi, SUSS Year 1 Digital Media Major student and member of the team, expressed, “I felt a sense of nostalgia and an adrenaline rush after being away from the competitive badminton scene.”

Although not every CG clinched a podium finish, their unwavering spirit, resilience and sportsmanship left an indelible mark on the IVP Games 2024. We celebrate and commend their grit and determination, the invaluable lessons learnt on the field will serve as the critical foundation for their future triumphs. Well done, Team SUSS!

Honourable Mentions:

Photo 7 - Netball
SUSS Netball team in their first IVP experience.

Photo 8 - Swimming
SUSS Swimming team making waves at the event.
 Photo 9 - Volleyball W
SUSS Volleyball Women’s team before starting their match.

Photo 10 Football W

Football Women's team after their first match of the IVP season.
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