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Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Programme: Helping SUSS Students To Refresh and Recharge

In a bid to help SUSS students to rejuvenate their minds and bodies before the examination period, the SUSS Office of Student Life (OST) curated the Search Inside Yourself (SIY) programme on 10 April 2021, as part of the ‘Refresh & Recharge’ Retreat Series!



Participants practising empathic listening

A total of 19 students took part in the one-day workshop and as part of the experiential programme. They engaged in practical exercises where they learnt techniques to improve their resilience, manage stress and communicate effectively and empathically. Participants were also introduced to mindfulness practices and various leadership tools that allowed them to uncover their leadership potential.

A 28-Day Post Challenge was posed to the students after the course. The challenge allows our students to practice the different breathing techniques, mindfulness, reflection and journaling that were shared during the programme.



Participants journaling their reflections

Mirosh Singh, a Year 3 student in SUSS' Bachelor of Sports and Physical Education Programme, shared his takeaways from the programme: “I managed to identify my emotions through journaling and mindfulness. I was able to develop a greater sense of focus and attention, which allows me to manage multiple areas in my day-to-day life better. I highly recommend this course!”

The SIY programme was developed by leading experts at Google with the aim to equip participants with a foundation of mindfulness and building core emotional intelligence domains to achieve outstanding leadership.

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