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Securing A Podium Finish At The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Research Challenge 2022

Congratulations to Zenith Capital, SUSS Investment Group (SIG) competition team, for clinching the first runner-up title at the recent Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute Research Challenge 2022! They were the first SUSS team to secure a podium finish in this competition.


SUSS SIG team at the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Consisting of five students - Ng Qi Han, Jason Thoo, Chua Qing Rong, Yeow Yong Chang and Ryan Ho, the Zenith Capital team worked tirelessly and spent countless of hours researching a Singapore-based company, SATS, over the past three months.

Through their research, they produced an industry grade initiation report and familiarised themselves with the company, with the goal of providing a convincing and well-substantiated recommendation for their presentation. In spite of the fierce competition from local universities such as NUS, NTU and SMU at the Singapore Finals, the Zenith Capital team put up a strong showing. Their efforts paid off and they came in first-runner up!

Elated by this delightful news, the team shared: “It was an honour to have the opportunity to represent SUSS in this competition. This competition had definitely taught us a lot about ourselves and we hope that this success will inspire other students to do the same.”

Dr Carmen Shih and Dr Tan Eng Joo, SUSS Investment Group advisors, were equally proud of the students’ achievements. “This team is so capable that they were able to conduct the analysis and write the analyst report independently with minimal supervision. Through this challenge, I also saw how closely knitted SIG is, with the team receiving help from their seniors who took part in the challenge previously. This is exactly the culture that I wish to see in SUSS,” praised Dr Carmen Shih, SUSS Senior Finance Lecturer.

This annual global competition provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis and professional ethics. Students of competing teams were evaluated based on their ability to value a stock, write an initiation-of-coverage report and present their recommendations to industry veterans as they assumed the role of a research analyst.

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