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Singapore Chinese Film Festival 2019 - 2019年第七届新加坡华语电影节



The 7th Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF), co-organised by the Centre for Chinese Studies@SUSS (CCS), and Singapore Film Society, was held from 18 to 28 April 2019.

The festival garnered an attendance rate of 5,500 over 55 screenings of a total of 69 feature films and short films. More than 20 local and foreign filmmakers attended post-screening Q&A sessions as well as panel talks to interact with film buffs.


From left: A/P Foo Tee Tuan, Director of CCS@SUSS, Kenneth Tan, Chairman of Singapore Film Society, Prof. Eddie Kuo Chen-Yu, Academic Advisor of SUSS, David Lee, Co-Director of SCFF

The opening film of SCFF 2019, Still Human, garnered eight nominations at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards and won the award for Best Actor. To ensure the making of this film, two-time award-winning movie star Anthony Wong agreed to play the protagonist with no pay. On 18 April, Director Oliver Chan Siu Kuen was at Golden Village, Vivocity, in the evening to watch her film with invited guests and answered their questions during the Q&A session hosted by A/P Foo Tee Tuan, the co-director of SCFF.



Director Oliver Chan Siu Kuen and invited guests

This year, the festival’s Filmmaker in Focus was director Chang Yi. Chang Yi is one of the pioneering filmmakers who helped define the Taiwan New Cinema movement. This section features four of his pivotal films: In Our Time (1982), Kuei-Mei, A Woman (1985), This Love of Mine (1986), and A Dog’s Life (2018), which marked his return to filmmaking after more than 30 years. Loretta Yang, the leading actress of two of these films and Chang’s wife, also came to Singapore to meet her fans.


Director Chang Yi, Loretta Yang and their fans

As 2019 marks the 10th anniversary since the Golden Horse Film Academy was founded, the festival also showcased eight short films co-produced by Singaporean and Malaysian filmmakers who participated in this programme over the years. In addition, the Film Academy’s Dean Liao Ching-Sung reunited with selected alumni Jow Zhiwei, Lau Kek Huat, Chiang Wei Liang, and Eva Tang as they shared their experiences in a panel talk held at The Arts House on Apr 27.


Liao Ching-Sung (fourth from right) and alumni of the Golden Horse Film Academy

On Apr 26, Liao also gave a talk on film editing at the Singapore Media Academy to local filmmakers. Here’s a clip of his talk:

Sponsors of SCFF 2019 include Chinese Language & Culture Fund, Taipei Business Association in Singapore, Hong Leong Foundation, Singapore Media Academy, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, and Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple. Our venue partners are Golden Village (GV), The Arts House, and Filmgarde Cineplexes.





每年电影节的其中一场“重头戏”,就是放映开幕片的第一晚。今年的开幕片是获得第38届香港金像奖八项提名的《沦落人》。此片是香港导演陈小娟的首部长片,影帝黄秋生无偿演出,凭借精湛演技赢得香港金像奖最佳男主角。4月18日当晚,陈小娟导演在嘉华怡丰城(GV Vivocity)与受邀嘉宾一同观赏其作品,并在由策展人符诗专副教授主持的交流环节畅谈其创作概念,同时回答现场观众的问题。


适逢台湾金马电影学院成立十周年,本届电影节特别推出“金马电影学院十周年短片集”,放映八部新马电影人参与制作的短片。此外,金马电影学院的学务长廖庆松也于4月27日来到新加坡艺术之家(The Arts House),与曾参与金马电影学院的新马电影人如邓宝翠、曾威量、姚志卫和廖克发在“报告学务长:新马学员的金马经验“这场座谈会上相聚。

廖庆松先生也专程到新加坡传媒学院(Singapore Media Academy)与本地影视界人士见面,分享其剪接知识和经验。以下为该场讲座的部分内容:



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