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Singapore Chinese Film Festival Returns to the Cinema in 2023 新加坡华语电影节2023年全线回归影院

Co-organised by SUSS and the Singapore Film Society, the Singapore Chinese Film Festival (SCFF) 2023 took place from April 28 to May 7. On its largest scale in recent years, the 11th SCFF fully returned to the big screen to present 55 feature films, documentaries and short films. Adding to cinephiles’ excitement were nine in-person post-screening interaction sessions with local and overseas filmmakers, and the Festival Forum. 

The opening night was graced by Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, Professor Robbie Goh, SUSS Provost, SUSS staff members, personnel from the education sector and the silver screen, as well as cultural workers and film reviewers.

Original photo 1
Associate Professor Foo Tee Tuan, Festival Director of SCFF 2023 and Director, Centre for Chinese Studies, SUSS, giving his opening speech 符诗专副教授(2023年新加坡华语电影节策展人、新跃社科大学新跃中华学术中心主任)致开幕词

The night was also imbued with star elements and filled with cheers by fans in the presence of Ya Hui and Ayden Sng, leading actress and actor of the opening film, Seven Days.

Made in Singapore, Seven Days tell a story of family ties, which is a key theme in Chinese movies. The festival also emphasises diversity in Chinese cinema by showcasing productions from different regions and premiering in Singapore.

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Director and leading cast of the opening film Seven Days. (From left) Ayden Sng, director Grace Wu, and Ya Hui 开幕片《七天》的导演和男女主角。(左起)孙政,导演吴可嘉,雅慧

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The director and cast of Seven Days sharing their experiences and answering questions from the audience《七天》的导演和演员在映后交流会上分享经验和回答观众的提问

The SCFF saw seven sold-out screenings including a documentary and two nearly-sold-out sessions, which included the festival closing film, Workers the Movie, starring Singapore’s popular local artiste, Christopher Lee.

Original photo 4
Christopher Lee (left), lead actor of the closing film Workers the Movie, interacting happily with the audience 闭幕片《做工的人 电影版》男主角李铭顺(左)热情地与观众交流

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Christopher Lee 李铭顺

Original photo 6
Group photo of Christopher Lee and the audience of the festival closing film, Workers the Movie 李铭顺与闭幕片《做工的人 电影版》的观众合影留念,2023年新加坡华语电影节圆满落幕

One of the main highlights of the festival is a short film collection entitled Singapore Short Stories. This sold-out screening was presented in collaboration with the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning to encourage Chinese language learning among Chinese and non-Chinese Singaporeans.

Original photo 7
The screening of Singapore Short Stories was followed by a panel discussion where local wordsmiths, filmmakers, and performers shared their thoughts on the similarities and differences between making a film adapted from a novel and converting a motion picture into words《文学短片集 – 人生的过程》放映结束后,作家、电影人和演员齐聚一堂,谈论文字到影像、影像到文字这两种再创作的异同

On May 7, The Love Eterne, a Hong Kong musical film of the Huangmei opera genre, was shown under the Restored Classics segment and coincidentally, the film was first shown on the same day 60 years ago in 1963! The screening attracted a large audience ranging from the young to the old, who came to appreciate the essence and art of the film, be it for the first time or for reminiscence.

Original photo 8
After the screening of The Love Eterne, the ensuing talk by Edwin W. Chen, a researcher of Chinese-language movies, offered insights into the Chinese film industry between 1962 and 1965 by joining the dots from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. A diverse audience was seen at the talk, from film buffs to academics 在修复版的《梁山伯与祝英台》放映结束后是一场讲座。主讲人陈炜智从事华语电影研究多年,他把脉络从香港拉到南洋,从新马拉到台湾,探讨从《梁祝》到《西施》、1962年至1965年之间的华语影史巨变。与会者从电影迷乃至学者和学生均有

The organising committee would like to express their appreciation to all partners including the Chinese Language & Culture Fund, Shaw Foundation, Taipei Representative Office in Singapore, venue and programme partners, presenting and school partners, and members of the Singapore Film Society for making SCFF 2023 a success. SCFF is thankful for the continued support from patrons, fans, filmmakers, and the media.

Original photo 9
Elvis A-Liang Lu (fourth from left), director of the Taiwanese documentary A Holy Family, and Zhang Hong-Jie (third from right), director of the short film Hearing from the Dolphin, in a photo with supporters of SCFF 台湾纪录片《神人之家》导演卢盈良(左四)、短片《鲸之声》导演张弘榤(右三)与众人合照

Original photo 10
Malaysian director Lau Kok Rui, who directed The Sunny Side of the Street, speaking at the post-screening interaction session 马来西亚导演刘国瑞亲临其作品《白日青春》的映后交流会

Original photo 11
Anthony Wong, the lead actor of The Sunny Side of the Street, joined the post-screening session remotely to thank the audience for the sold-out screening《白日青春》全场满座,男主角黄秋生特地通过视讯向观众致谢

Original photo 12

Director of The Cord of Life, Qiao Sixue (left), and the producer, Hu Jing, flew to Singapore to meet the audience. The Cord of Life was filmed in the Inner Mongolian grassland and presented in Mongolian dialogue《脐带》的导演乔思雪(左)和制片胡婧专程飞到新加坡与电影节的观众见面。《脐带》是在内蒙古草原拍摄,以蒙古语原音对白呈现

Original photo 13

Wong Pak Hou, the lead actor of Kissing the Ground You Walked On, participated in the post-screening interaction in person and facilitated the director Hong Heng Fai’s participation via phone call. Wong Pak Hou is a theatre director and actor in Macau《海鸥来过的房间》男主角黄柏豪亲临现场与观众作近距离交流,同时通过长途电话与导演孔庆辉连线,一同参与映后交流。黄柏豪是澳门一名舞台剧导演和演员

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本届电影节共有七个场次的门票被一扫而空,另有两部影片接近满座,包括闭幕片《做工的人 电影版》。该片是由新加坡知名演员李铭顺领衔主演。

电影节的亮点之一是门票售罄的《文学短片集 – 人生的过程》。这场短片集是由电影节和推广华文学习委员会合作呈现,希望能借此鼓励新加坡人学习华文。






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