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Startup Story: Making A Debut In The Information Technology Industry


Becoming a tech entrepreneur was the last thing a younger Adam Ihsan had in mind. Now, the 23-year-old Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme student is an IT all-rounder, with multiple projects on hand.

His initial project, Startup Boost, focused on web development where his experience with clients led him to realise that many small business owners managed to obtain sales leads in digital marketing but do not possess the manpower to qualify and prioritise leads.

Armed with this knowledge, Adam developed a chatbot that resolved these pain points. This solution web development soon became a full-fledged startup idea, and Adam applied to the Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme with his new startup, Cloud Intern.

Cloud Intern helps companies build chatbots that predict and answer questions from potential customers. They automate responses to customer enquiries and even make bookings for services online. Over 20 companies are now with Cloud Intern and will act as the pilot for the development of additional and more complex Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Adam’s stint as an entrepreneur allowed him to explore various industries, and he was inspired by companies such as Grab and Carousell who have managed to create impact at a large scale. However, his break into IT was not without its difficulties. Adam shared: “I found myself struggling to learn about hardware and software. I spent time taking online courses and eventually had the confidence to create my first startup.”

However, entrepreneurship is not Adam’s end goal. He is looking forward to enter the corporate world where he is able to create value for people on a massive scale.

Adam advises entrepreneurs to start small and scale up: “Start small, reduce technology needed, try and make it sustainable before investing more money into the idea.”

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