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Striking Pins and Striking Up Friendships in Malaysia

In order to raise the playing standards of student-athletes from SUSS Competition Groups (CGs), the Office of Student Life has recently launched the Sports Excellence Overseas Programme (SEOP). Under this initiative, student-athletes will have the opportunity to gain experience and exposure through overseas training and friendly matches, enhancing their skills and fostering friendships through the sport. 

SUSS Bowling CG was the first team to embark on this programme where 16 students, together with their coach, headed to Kuala Lumpur for four days to play against independent bowlers as well as bowlers from various local bowling clubs.


SUSS bowlers alongside the bowlers of Selangor Malaysia and their respective coaches at Ampang Superbowl.

Our Bowling CG trained and experienced lane conditions that were different compared to what they were used to back home. Bowler and SUSS' Bachelor of Science in Finance degree programme student, Alex Ng Qing Rong remarked, “It was a different experience bowling overseas. It takes a while to get used to the lanes and understand the oiling. The lane is very dry which means there is more friction between the ball and the lane which produces a “greater hook” effect. It was harder to adapt, but we still had to push through.” 

SUSS Bowling CG Team at Sunway Mega Lanes

Going up against the local bowlers in three separate friendly matches – a 4-game series, a Baker’s doubles 5-game series, and Team 3-game series. The games allowed our bowlers to intermingle, socialise as well as push their limits against their Malaysian opponents.  

Ridhar Rahman, a Selangor state bowler who clenched a perfect-300-game in the friendly match against the SUSS team shared, “Everyone has been very friendly. This is a very good practice for everyone in the competitive bowling space as it allows bowlers to learn from one another.” The head coach of MY Bowling Club echoed the same sentiment and encouraged the SUSS team to come again in the future.  

Ridhar Rahman Bin Riza Abdillah (left) receiving a gift bag from Bowling CG’s Captain, Soh Yong Ping (right).

“The programme has been very valuable for our SUSS bowlers as it helps them develop mental resilience and provides them useful insights, as they prepare for the upcoming Singapore University Games (SUniG) in September,” said SUSS Coach, Michael Li.  

Looking back on the entire trip, SUSS bowler and Finance student Nur Amirah Ng shares, “Throughout my years of bowling and as a former Sports School student-athlete, I believe such opportunities are beneficial in helping athletes in their training. I am thrilled that SUSS supports initiatives like this, and I hope we will have more opportunities like this in the future." 

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