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Student Toolbox Series - Pretty Sirius Stuff


‘Let’s Chat About Law’ – the third edition of the Toolbox Series launched by the SUSS Public Safety and Security (PSS) student interest group, Pretty Sirius Stuff was organised on 13 April 2021. Like the past editions, this session brought together PSS students and professionals and experts within the public safety and security industry to discuss theories and application of concepts in the real world. At the same time, the speakers covered various aspects of the Singapore legal system, sharing insights into equal representation and how the law is fair to both victims and perpetrators. The PSS students were also broken up into smaller groups, where they were able to ask tough questions and gain a deeper understanding of the local legal landscape.

The students also shared about this useful session:

“The toolbox session was fulfilling as it had broadened my perspective of the legal landscape of Singapore, apart from what I had learned in lectures. Also, I got to hear the personal opinions of legal professionals as to how they tackle certain cases.” – Chew Kai Xuan

“We got to see how classroom theories are linked to real-life practices. For example, we learned how fundamental liberties are linked to the speakers’ course of work.” - Lu Liangwei

“The session was insightful and enabled me to have a better understanding of the Singapore legal system.” – Syed Mohamed Idzwan.

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