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SUSS Analytics Industry Talk

In July, SUSS Business Analytics Interest Group (BAIG) had the pleasure of listening to Analytics industry experts, Mr Daniel Koh and Mr Cliff Chew, talk about how data analytics is applied within the healthcare and retail sectors.

Mr Daniel Koh, Health Informatics Manager at National University Polyclinics (NUP) is a veteran having acquired over 20 years of experience. The NUP is a primary care provider for acute/chronic illnesses, women and child health and dental services in western Singapore. In his years of analysing and evaluating data information at work, Mr Koh found that soft skills are highly sought after. While it is without doubt that hard skills, such as mastery in programming and data visualisation is central in the field of analytics, the ability to interpret and present results as a solution is extremely valuable to companies he has worked for.

"It’s about soft skills. Even in my previous roles, when I worked with C-level executives (CEO, CFO), one thing I noticed is that they are always looking for a solution. A solution that allows them to progress. A solution that addresses a problem. So it is my job as a data scientist to bring them that solution and show them how it is backed by data,” revealed Mr Daniel Koh.

Mr Cliff Chew, on the other hand, is a data consultant and trainer in several technological and retail companies, including locally-built unicorns, Grab and Carousell. Mr Cliff Chew advises BAIG students to be fluid in practising and applying their data techniques because every company requires data to be extracted differently for industry-specific results. “I think there are some standard playbooks like predicting churn or doing market segmentation, but I think it's always important to be mindful of the industry itself,” he added.

The talk was certainly engaging and enriching for those who attended! Our students in BAIG only had praises for the speakers and programme.

“I like how relevant and raw the talk is. It has provided much insight into the field we are in and a little more understanding in it even though the truth turned out to be quite intimidating. [The event featured] very good speakers and very good hosts with the questions,” commended Teng Xian Cheng who had participated in the programme.

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