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SUSS and MINDEF-Army Logistics Training Institute: Mastering Logistics for Large-Scale Operations

A class group shot to commemorate the inaugural LOG367 course run.

The inaugural run of Logistics for Large-Scale Operations (LOG367) was successfully completed! LOG367 is an undergraduate elective in BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, BSc Logistics with Minor, BSc Supply Chain Management with Minor, and Minor in Supply Chain Management programmes.

LOG367 is jointly developed by the School of Business and Army Logistics Training Institute (ALTI)/Combat Service Support Command (CSSCOM) from the Ministry of Defence. The course uses Exercise Wallaby, an annual tri-service military exercise held in Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Australia, as the primary case study for discussions and applications of theories on Large-Scale Operations Logistics. 

The success of this collaborative effort would not have been possible without the expert sharing of Mr Lin Huixian, Francis, the Commander of the Forward Support Group in Exercise WALLABY 2019, and the excellent support of our partners at ALTI/CSSCOM – Mr Desmond Wong and Mr Lim Ming Xuan. Our students have benefited immensely from the valuable insights into the logistics and supply chain management concepts applied to large-scale operations.