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SUSS Dance(x) – SensaXion debuts at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB)

SensaXion giving their very best performance at WSB Singapore
SensaXion giving their very best performance at WSB Singapore.

What a night to remember! SUSS Dance(x) – SensaXion stepped into the spotlight, making their dazzling debut at the World Supremacy Battlegrounds (WSB) competition right here in Singapore.

WSB stands as one of the most prominent international street dance showdowns in the Southern Hemisphere, and their journey to this stage was nothing short of extraordinary. The auditions were extremely competitive, with only the cream of the crop earning a spot on the team by showcasing exceptional techniques, performance flair, and execution prowess, forming a squad of highly skilled and seasoned dancers. As the dancers delved into challenging choreography, the initial road was tough, testing not just their dancing abilities but also their time management skills as they balanced personal commitments with numerous dance practices.

For SensaXion, sharing the stage with dancers of varying experience levels held profound significance. It was not just about individual prowess but the collective strength of teamwork. Throughout the competition, they pushed their limits, honed their skills and illuminated the stage with their unique blend of talent, dedication and creativity as a dance crew.

Hector Poh, SUSS Year 3 Psychology student, reflected, “This competition has definitely been a fulfilling experience. A rollercoaster of a journey would be an understatement. Despite our busy schedules and personal challenges, we did our best on stage, and we introduced ourselves to the bigger local dance scene. This competition tested our resolve, individually and as a unit, and I firmly believe we grew as dancers and people from it.”


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