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SUSS DBA Alumni & Student Community (DBAC)'s "The Past Meets the Future" Sharing Recap

In the international melting pot of Singapore, immigrants from all corners of the globe converge, using the "Little Red Dot" as their pivot point to lead the "New Age of Exploration" wave.

On 25 August 2023, the SUSS DBA Alumni & Student Community (DBAC) successfully hosted "The Past Meets the Future", a themed sharing session at the Singapore Jinshang Business Club, exploring stories of venturing into global markets and unlocking new opportunities in global trade.

1. Entering the Little Red Dot and Influencing the World

DBAC's members come from diverse backgrounds, including scholars and entrepreneurs from Singapore and the region. Regardless of their origins, everyone carries ambitious dreams of venturing into international markets, becoming pioneers and champions of the "New Age of Exploration."

Class 4 DBA student, Stephen Ho, taking the lead and hosting a lively sharing session

2. Tracing the Footprints of History and Charting the Blueprint for the Future

Hosted by DBA student Stephen Ho, the event facilitated a “collision of ideas”, allowing participants to witness a fascinating dialogue “transcending time and space”.

Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, shared insights from his new book, "The Idea of Singapore: Smallness Unconstrained", which deeply analyses Singapore's evolution over its 700-year history. From a regional business hub to a global metropolis, Singapore has proven that its small geographic size cannot limit its grand vision through practical actions.

Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, sharing his new book titled "The Idea of Singapore: Smallness Unconstrained”.

In his sharing, Professor Tan emphasised that Singapore's brilliance stems not only from its geographical location but also from the fusion of diverse immigrant cultures. This blending of civilisational histories paints a brighter future for Singapore.

"The Idea of Singapore: Smallness Unconstrained “by Professor Tan Tai Yong

Professor Tan signed and gifted a book to DBAC

Additionally, Professor Tan outlined a vision for the future of "city-state" nations, suggesting that we will need to be more flexible and adaptable as the current world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Singapore is actively planning its development for the next fifty years, focusing on technology, education, and talent cultivation to create more possibilities.

From left: Professor Tan’s wife, Professor Tan Tai Yong, Associate Professor Allan Chia, Assistant Provost (External Relations & CET) and Dean of the School of Business

Using the lens of history and the outlook of the future, Professor Tan depicted a hopeful, innovative, and vibrant Singapore. His speech served as not only a tribute to the past but also a guide for future development, inspiring us to collectively create a better tomorrow.

3. Smart Entrepreneurship and Expanding Overseas Markets

In the second part of the sharing session, "Smart Entrepreneurship and Expanding Overseas Markets," DBAC members, drawing from their rich practical experiences, delved deep into how to embark on intelligent entrepreneurship and expand into overseas markets in the internationalised landscape of Singapore, sparking enthusiastic discussions among the audience.

As the Executive Secretariat of DBAC, Freda Zhang shared her first-hand experiences as an entrepreneur with Chinese roots. She pointed out that Singapore has been making strides in the field of technological innovation, particularly exemplified by locations like Jurong Island, One-north Science Park, and the Punggol Digital District, establishing itself as a global innovation hub. These technology clusters not only provide advanced research and development facilities but also facilitate cross-sector collaborations, creating a thriving innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

Freda Zhang’s (Executive Secretariat of DBAC) sharing on The Contemporary "Age of Exploration" for Sino-Singaporean Tech Enterprises

Freda Zhang emphasised that the future direction for Chinese enterprises expanding abroad lies in multiple areas, including electronics, the internet, and smart manufacturing. As Singapore serves as Asia's technological hub, it offers abundant growth opportunities for businesses. She advised entrepreneurs to fully tap into Singapore's technological resources, actively collaborate with local enterprises, and explore broader market spaces together.

Wille Shi, the main initiator and organiser of this event and a DBA Class 8 student, provided an in-depth analysis of Indonesia's rising star status in the business world from the perspective of entrepreneurship in Indonesia.

Willie Shi, a DBA Class 8 student, emphasised Indonesia's vast young population and rapidly growing digital market, providing ample prospects for emerging technology and Fintech sectors. Additionally, the Indonesian government has introduced a series of policies to support foreign investment and innovation, creating a favourable investment environment for entrepreneurs.

Wille Shi showcased the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship in Indonesia with practical examples, emphasising that entrepreneurs should maintain keen market insights, identify local pain points, and creatively address them in the diverse market landscape. He encouraged entrepreneurs to have foresight, choose the right partners, and leverage emerging technologies such as Fintech to inject new impetus into Indonesia's development.

4. Broad Thinking in Business, Inheritance, and Integration

The summary and sharing by Dr Wang Yue, Head of the SUSS DBA programme, brought the essence of the entire event together.

This sharing session was not just a collision of knowledge but also a fusion of cultures. It brought together not only Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, Associate Professor Allan Chia, Assistant Provost (External Relations & CET) and Dean of the SUSS School of Business, and Associate Professor Ding Ding, Vice Dean of the SUSS School of Business, but also DBAC members active in various fields. 

A group photo of the DBAC members and other stakeholders

5. Conclusion

The prosperity of the "Little Red Dot" is a testament to the miracles created by immigrants from all over the world.

DBAC is not only an alumni and graduate student community but also a multinational, cross-disciplinary, and cross-cultural family.

From left: Associate Professor Allan Chia, Associate Professor Ding Ding, Dr Wang Yue, and DBA student Stephen Ho engaging in a discussion

DBA students from Class 5 and Class 9

In this space where the past and future converge, history and dreams intersect. This sharing event is not only a showcase of community cohesion but also the entrepreneurial dream pursued by the "New Age of Exploration".

6. Acknowledgements

DBAC extends their gratitude to DBA student Willie Shi and the Singapore Jinshang Business Club for their strong support. Kudos to all DBAC alumni and students for their proactive involvement. Stay tuned for their next event!

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