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SUSS Develops First Dedicated Compliance Graduate Programme In Singapore

The first of its kind among local university programmes, the Graduate Certificate in Compliance (GCC) programme aims to help meet the growing demand for compliance professionals worldwide who seek to build increasingly robust financial systems amid regulatory breaches and code-of-conduct issues.

We met with the programme developer, Fiona Tan, Head of Compliance Private Banking SEA at Credit Suisse AG, to find out more about what potential students can look forward to.

Applications end 31 May 2019.


SUSS: What are the top three highlights of the new course in Graduate Certificate in Compliance (GCC)?

Fiona: The Graduate Certificate in Compliance (GCC) is an exciting new programme for everyone who is interested in Compliance, whether as a career or simply to understand what it is about. One of the key highlights is that the programme was developed and taught by industry practitioners. Secondly, you can look forward to learning about the fast-evolving field of compliance, especially with the opportunities and challenges brought about by technology. Lastly, you can apply your knowledge through a practitioner’s lens and hear from guest speakers how compliance works in their respective fields.


SUSS: What is special about this programme?

Fiona: The GCC is the first dedicated compliance graduate programme in Singapore offered by a local university and can be completed in one semester. Each of the three courses that make up the graduate certificate can also be taken on a stand-alone basis. Being developed and taught by industry practitioners, combined with guest speakers who will share their experiences in their respective areas, make the GCC highly relevant and practical for anyone looking to get a head start as a Compliance Officer.


SUSS: Who should apply for this programme?

Fiona: This programme is right for you if you are starting out as a fresh graduate and would like to pursue a career in compliance. It is also suitable for individuals who are looking to understand compliance within the broader context of various fields such as banking, auditing, FinTech, etc.

Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) and Singapore Citizens may be eligible for SkillsFuture subsidies, which are particularly substantial for Singapore Citizens above 40 years old!


SUSS: Name three jobs graduates can look forward to.

Fiona: Compliance opens up many possibilities and graduates can look forward to a rewarding and challenging career in various compliance roles such as Regulatory Compliance Advisors, Customer Due Diligence Analysts, and Monitoring and Surveillance Officers.


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