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SUSS Freshmen Earn Top Spots at the Singapore Insurance Case Competition 2024

A team of four SUSS freshmen – Team RJHZ – did SUSS proud when they clinched a coveted spot as one of the top five finalists at the prestigious Singapore Insurance Case Competition (SICC) 2024. With over 60 submissions nationwide, they showcased academic prowess and innovative thinking to stand out prominently, ultimately earning a place among the top.

A group huddle with Team RJHZ

A group huddle with Team RJHZ - Low Jun Hao (third from left), Razin Nurhakim Bin Rosman (fourth from left), Koh Jing Yan (third from right), Zeti Khairina Binte Harris Rizal (second from right)

Organised by the General Insurance Association of Singapore, in collaboration with Nanyang Technological University’s Actuarial Science Society, the competition focused on the branding and marketing theme set by MSIG Singapore. The engagement with industry-specific challenges further provided students with a unique experience, bridging the gap between academic learning and practical application. 

Team RJHZ delivering a top-notch presentation to judges

Team RJHZ delivering a top-notch presentation to judges.

Low Jun Hao, SUSS Year 2 Marketing student and team leader of Team RJHZ, reflected, "I am grateful for the chance bestowed upon us. My teammates and I have gained invaluable insights and hands-on experience in the insurance industry throughout this competition. As SUSS freshmen, achieving a spot among the top 5 finalists is more than a personal triumph. This competition pushed us to engage in critical thinking, collaboration, and application of our academic knowledge in a real-world setting. Undoubtedly, it stands out as a defining moment in our academic journey."

SICC Competition finalists celebrating their moment of victory

SICC Competition finalists celebrating their moment of victory

This accomplishment underscored the dedication of our students to academic excellence and highlighted SUSS' commitment in nurturing highly proficient professionals. Beyond being a mere arena for showcasing analytical skills at the SICC, this competition also served as a bridge for students to apply their academic knowledge to tangible real-world challenges.

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