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SUSS Investment Group Students Wins Runner-Up Positions at CFA Ethics Challenge 2023

Congratulations to Team Ethical Musketeers and Saturdays at 1 for clinching first runner-up and second runner-up respectively at the Singapore Finals of the CFA Ethics Challenge 2023!

Photo 1- Team Ethical Musketeers (raw)
Team Ethical Musketeers - First Runner-up

Photo 2- Team Saturdays at 1 (raw)
Team Saturdays at 1 – Second Runner-up

Organised by the CFA Society Singapore, the 6th edition of the University Ethics Challenge saw a total of 27 teams from various local universities participating in the competition. The challenge is designed to increase awareness of real-world ethical issues and prepare students planning to enter the financial industry for ethical dilemmas they may face in their careers. Based on the given case study, teams were tasked with identifying and explaining the nuances of the ethical dilemmas according to CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Conduct as well as offering recommendations on how to handle these ethical violations.

The teams’ success in the CFA Ethics challenge has brought increased recognition and reputation to SUSS. The student teams were given only 48 hours to work on a case study with multiple ethical dilemmas and present the case’s violations and recommendations to a panel of CFA-certified judges. Despite other academic commitments, the teams demonstrated determination, hard work, and teamwork, familiarising themselves with the CFA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct which allowed them to excel in the finals.

“I would say the greatest motivation were my fellow teammates, who are professional and extremely capable. Despite the tight timeline, we were able to complete the tasks efficiently while having fun! I was also attracted to learning more about the ethical dilemmas in the financial world, which are actually more prevalent than I previously thought. We learned about the importance of ethics and how the guidelines are there, not only to protect us but everyone involved in the financial industry,” Joseph Lim, a student from SUSS' Bachelor of Science in Finance degree programme from Team Ethical Musketeers commented.

“For anyone looking to take up the CFA program or become a professional in finance, they should look to take up this competition to improve their competence in their presentation and analytical skills,” Team Saturdays at 1 commented.

Well done, SUSS Investment Group! Thank you for making SUSS proud.

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