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SUSS Music Interest Group Sends Off 2023 with Annual Flagship Concert – Coda 2023

On 16 December 2023, SUSS Music Interest Group (MIG) marked the end of the year by presenting its annual flagship concert, Coda 2023. Held in the newly revamped LTB.3.06 on campus, the concert showcased the diverse talents of SUSS MIG’s members across a wide array of music genres and styles.

event writeup
SUSS Music Interest Group’s annual concert, Coda 2023, makes a comeback in December 2023.

Coda made its debut as MIG’s annual concert in 2022, featuring two of its subgroups, SUSS MIG Voices and SUSS MIG Jammers, aiming to deliver a melodious evening of music and joy to both loved ones and the public. From seasoned seniors to enthusiastic newcomers, the performers showcased resilience and delivered a spectacular show to over 100 audiences including their friends and family.

event writeup 2
SUSS MIG Voices infuses the holiday spirit by performing Christmas classics.

The concert comprised a variety of subgenres of music. Firstly, SUSS MIG Voices set the festive tone by performing beloved Christmas classics like “Deck the Halls” and “White Christmas”. With limited preparation time, this choral group seamlessly transitioned from their solo concert, Cantabile, which happened just two weeks earlier. Comprising 10 performers, the choir filled the room with harmonious melodies, engaging the audience in a sing-along session to festive favourites and setting a lively tone for the night.

event writeup 3
SUSS MIG Jammers ready to take the house down with energetic renditions of popular favourites.

Following a brief intermission, SUSS MIG Jammers brought energy levels through the roof with their lively bands. The subgroup presented four bands for the night, each consisting of around five members. Each band was unique and distinctive, captivating the audience who enthusiastically clapped and sang along throughout the evening.

event writeup 4
SUSS MIG actively contributed to various capacities, from performers to helpers assisting in ushering duties and registration of audience members.

SUSS MIG members who were not part of the performers also displayed their support by taking on diverse backend roles like managing the registration booth, ushering, and being part of the technical crew. From managing lighting to sound mixing, every facet of Coda 2023 was driven and managed by students.

event writeup 5
SUSS MIG ending 2023 with a bang.

It was incredibly heartwarming to witness members come together to conceptualise, organise, and bring the concert to life. Their efforts culminated in a rewarding evening where audience members sang their hearts out and sent off 2023 on a high note.

Intan Nurhidayah, SUSS MIG Chairperson and part-time Year 3 Communications student, shared her experience, “Coda 2023 has been a journey of blood, sweat and tears for those behind the scenes, and to watch it all come together had made it all worth it. I’m excited to see how MIG continues to take this annual concert and make it better for years to come.”

Muhammad Irsyad, SUSS MIG Chairperson and full-time Year 2 Accountancy student, also recounted, “The team had met with many trials and tribulations, and I am truly proud of our accomplishments this year. Coda 2023 was the perfect opportunity to send off the year and to give the audience a sneak peek of our fresh talents!"

Stay tuned for more performances by SUSS Music Interest Group and their events! 

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