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SUSS ODAIG’s Second Participation at the Regional Bouldering Competition – Transend 2023

In October 2023, Jeremiah Ho, SUSS Year 2 Social Work undergraduate and a member of the SUSS Outdoor Adventure Interest Group (ODAIG), once again represented the team for a second regional bouldering competition - Transend 2023. 


Jeremiah Ho reaching the top of the route

Facing more experienced climbers since he was competing in the intermediate category for the first time placed him under a significant amount of pressure. Despite the challenges, Jeremiah secured seventh place out of 20 in the qualification round and advanced to the semi-finals, finishing overall at 19th place in the Men’s Intermediate bouldering category.

Jeremiah Ho giving his best to advance into the semi-finals

Jeremiah Ho pushing forward in the semi-finals

ODAIG is proud of Jeremiah's achievements and his inspirational demeanour, particularly given his recent commencement of active participation in competitions only this year. He shared his climbing journey and experiences during ODA's climbing sessions, emphasising how his interest was ignited and cultivated within the SUSS community.

Jeremiah’s sharing at one of ODAIG bouldering sessions

Jeremiah took the initiative and pushing his limits played a crucial role in his growth and connection to a broader network of climbers. ODAIG hopes to continue motivating SUSS students to conquer challenges. Members can be assured of meeting like-minded peers, creating an environment that fosters collective growth and allows individuals to bolster their mental and physical well-being alongside kindred spirits.

SUSS students can look forward to more such sessions with ODAIG. Stay tuned and join them for upcoming events! 

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