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SUSS Outdoor Adventure Interest Group’s First Overseas Hike of 2023

Led by their staff mentor, Ms Chew Wee Ling, a total of 20 students from the SUSS Outdoor Adventure Interest Group (ODA) embarked on their first overseas trek of the year to explore Gunung Arong and Gunung Lambak in Malaysia. Miss Joanne Soo from Ace Adventure Expeditions, who had previously guided ODA in their 2022 overseas trek, served as their guide once again.

In preparation for their upcoming expedition, the students underwent a series of training treks in Singapore and acquired the necessary trekking gear to better equip themselves. Through this process, they forged strong bonds and learned the significance of physical conditioning before embarking on a strenuous journey. 

Group Photo @ Arong
Beating the heat, ODA members conquered the first peak of their trip!

ODA started their trek to Gunung Arong with a tranquil stroll along the beach before ascending the mountain. The group was accompanied by both local and Singaporean guides, who shared fascinating information along the way up the mountain. Fortunately, the weather remained pleasant throughout the trek, and after a 274-metre climb, ODA finally reached the summit.

Hiking Over Rocks
ODA members overcoming the different types of challenging terrain

On the second day of the trip, the group embarked on the ascent of Gunung Lambak, a peak towering at precisely 510 metres. Throughout the ascent, the members were divided into smaller groups accordingly to their pace, taking turns to lead from the front and guard the rear. This strategic arrangement aimed to uphold the fundamental principle of "leave no man behind," which holds paramount importance during outdoor treks, particularly those undertaken abroad. 

A Steep Path

ODA Members ascending the mountain

Energised by a satisfying evening meal and coupled with their successful trek up Gurung Arong the day before, the members reached the summit much sooner than expected as their morale was at an all-time high. Soon after, they were faced with the possibility of an inclement weather. In order to ensure safety of the members, the student leaders made the tough call to abolish their initial plan to reach the second summit and end the trek for the day. 

Ascending Gunung Lambak

ODA Members ascending Gunung Lambak

Jack Zhang, Land Expedition Deputy of ODA and a third-year student from SUSS' Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management degree programme recounted his experience, “It was an eye-opening trip! Apart from enjoying the  scenery, I also got to witness how senior ODA leaders conduct and lead such an overseas expedition. It was a fulfilling experience to conquer two hills and have Rest & Recreation (R&Rs) in two days, which speaks a lot of the planning and management needed in order to succeed. I have certainly gained a lot from this trip!” 

Carl Song, an ODA member and a second-year student from SUSS' Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree programme, also reflected, “This overseas hike empowered me to challenge my limits and the challenging terrain allowed me to practise putting others first. The fact that we managed to conquer two hills in two days is tantamount to the amazing resilience and perseverance shown by the entire team.” 

Group Photo @ Lambak

ODA Members at the summit of the second peak 

Building on the success of the previous Gunung Ledang overseas trek in 2022, the SUSS students have once again demonstrated their unwavering resilience and adventurous spirit by exploring new territories in the great outdoors. The triumph of their recent expedition exemplifies their commitment to push boundaries and embrace challenges.

Excitingly, more overseas expeditions are on the horizon for SUSS ODA. Stay tuned to find out about their next thrilling chapter in conquering new frontiers.

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