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SUSS Scholarship & Awards 2020: Going Above And Beyond To Serve The Society Amidst A Pandemic

Congratulations to our 40 scholars and 19 award winners, who were accorded the SUSS Scholarship and SUSS Spirit Award respectively!

The scholarship recognises students with both academic excellence and leadership potential, while the SUSS Spirit Award is presented to our full-time students who are socially conscious individuals with a desire to make positive changes in society, embodying the “Heart” element of the University’s educational philosophy of “Head, Heart and Habit”.

Full-time Social Work student Phoebe Chew Tingyu was one of the recipients of the SUSS Spirit Award 2020. She is part of the SUSS Peer Supporters, also known as OWLs (Our Well-being Listeners), who are advocates for the well-being of SUSS students. Phoebe was involved in the COVID-19 Virtual Care List initiative, which equipped SUSS students with online support resources ranging from psychological to financial support.

Fellow SUSS Spirit Award 2020 recipient and Accountancy student Ahmad Idris Bin Omar was determined to continue providing academic mentoring to students from welfare beneficiaries of Pertapis by leveraging on technology when face-to-face classes could not be conducted during the Circuit Breaker period. This was done through his service-learning group, Learn Love Live (LLL). On average, he mentors around 15-20 beneficiaries from these sessions per week.

And as for SUSS Scholarship recipient and part-time Social Work student Ong Yat Leng, his decision to make a mid-career switch to be a Medical Social Worker amidst the COVID-19 outbreak was challenging – he had faced doubts and criticism by his own family members and friends. However, his efforts, passion to serve the society and the appreciation from the public have greatly helped in affirming his decision.

SUSS is very proud of all our scholars and award winners, who went above and beyond to serve society amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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