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SUSS School of Law Students participated in CJ’s Cup 2023 Charity Futsal Competition

CJ's Cup
Team SUSS School of Law at the CJ’s Cup 2023

SUSS School of Law (SLAW) students exhibited their athletic prowess and spirit of giving back at the CJ's Cup 2023 charity futsal competition. Jointly organised by the Singapore Law Academy (SAL) and the Yellow Ribbon Fund (YRF), the charity event brought together 20 teams from law firms, three law schools and Jamiyah halfway house to compete in an exciting tournament while supporting the YRF-SAL Skills Training Assistance to Restart (STAR) Bursary. The YRF-SAL STAR Bursary provides an opportunity for financially disadvantaged ex-offenders to receive vocational and skills training that will enable them to find jobs and earn a living for themselves and their families. While they may not have won the competition, our SUSS law students participated with enthusiasm in the competition which saw all teams raising more than $165,000 for the bursary this year!

Reflecting on the experience, Adam Bin Mohomed Jiffry, team captain and a fourth-year student from SUSS' Law Juris Doctor (JD) shared, “We were disappointed that we did not win the tournament but nevertheless felt extreme satisfaction for contributing towards a charitable cause and knowing that a record sum of money was raised for the YRF-SAL STAR Bursary. Furthermore, meeting and chatting with the big guns within the legal fraternity was a great opportunity to build relationships. We were proud to represent SUSS School of Law and personally, it was an honour to be the captain of this amazing team that sacrificed their time to train and compete when exams were just a few days away. Heartfelt thanks to our incredible supporters near and far and to our esteemed lecturers Mr Melvin Loh and Associate Professor Alvin Cheng who came all the way down! Let’s go again next year!”

In addition to contributing to a good cause, the CJ's Cup 2023 provided our law students with a unique opportunity to connect with individuals from various backgrounds and institutions. They fostered relationships with fellow law students, professionals, and members of the community who share a passion for both futsal and giving back. This experience fostered a sense of camaraderie among participants best summed up Leonard Foster, a first-year Juris Doctor student, “Firstly, I’m proud of the SUSS team and the effort we put in. It was fun training and playing with the other lads. Representing the University in such a competition was a great platform to get to know fellow students from different batches, and I am thankful for the opportunity. The result was not what we had envisaged. However, if one were to look at the bigger picture, it is heartwarming to see that every year (barring the COVID pandemic), the legal fraternity is able to come together and raise funds for a worthy cause, and have fun doing it. Regardless of the outcome, I am sure the SUSS team had a great experience. Does anyone know when we can sign up for next year’s tournament?”
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