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SUSS SPIRIT Award 2022: Work of Heart

The 10 recipients of this year’s SUSS Spirit Award may have come from different walks of life pursuing different interests, but the one thing they have in common is their service to the community with empathy and resilience. These students went above and beyond to serve others in need, and their work of heart did not go unnoticed by their peers, faculty, staff and community partners.

Presenting the awardees of the SUSS Spirit Award 2022:

Adam Oh Jia Rong – The Business Analytics student channelled his passion in programming to bridge the knowledge gap between SUSS students and programming skills. His willingness to serve others manifested through initiatives such as the inaugural Data Visualisation Challenge, which enabled juniors with no programming background to gain knowledge and incorporate Python programming in their learning and work.

Amanda Wong Hui Yi – The Early Childhood Education student created a podcast with fellow SUSSCares members to advocate for the mental well-being of students in Singapore. Amanda sought to create a safe space to share various mental health topics and educate the public on students’ mental health validity. Through their efforts, she hopes to destigmatise mental health in Singapore.


Bryan Lim Bei En – The Finance student has taken on various leadership roles throughout his time in school, including pioneering the FinTech Interest Group in SUSS. His initiatives connected not only students across universities but also key industry stakeholders. Additionally, he actively supported his juniors as a student leader in the Experiential Teambuilding (ETB) Programme.


Chan Yu Xiu Bryan – The Psychology student demonstrates excellence in his role as the President of PsyConnect, a Psychology student interest group in SUSS. He took the initiative to organise excursions to various organisations such as the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore Prison Service and the Ministry of Home Affairs for his peers to gain hands-on learning opportunities.

Chee Yi Long -  The Facilities Management post-graduate student goes the extra mile to serve low-income families in the community. Whilst juggling commitments such as school and family, he is also a Community Leader that proactively seeks contributions and organises initiatives to support under-resourced families and youths at risk.

Foo Yen Ping Rosalind – The Counselling student exemplifies moral courage in her pursuit towards becoming the first deaf counsellor in Singapore. She observed that the deaf community faces challenges in acquiring counselling services, and overcame various challenges to bridge the gap. She also teaches sign language to her peers to encourage more inclusivity in the community. In recognition of her active and positive volunteering spirit, she was an awardee of the prestigious Goh Chok Tong Enable Award 2021, which celebrates the achievements and promises of exceptional persons with disabilities.

Joycelyn Tay Jia Qin – The Marketing student joined the ETB programme as a Student Leader and signed up to be a befriender to help and support her juniors. Her selflessness has also been exhibited through the creation of the SUSS Helpdesk channel on Telegram, which allows students to seek clarity on SUSS-related matters. Additionally, she makes good use of her superb videography skills to capture and spread joy during school events.

Laurene Chung Wye Sann – The Public Safety and Security student advocates for gender equality and women empowerment in the community. She initiated a Community Engagement project – Project Reknew - that aims to build respectful relationships on campus through restorative practices and meaningful conversations in a safe environment. United Women Singapore recognised Laurene’s advocacy work by awarding her with the Gender Equality Impact Changemaker 2021.

Manura Roy Varghese – The Supply Chain student is always ready tolend a helping hand to those in need. As a proactive member of the SUSS community, she took on various leadership roles such as co-leading the Ace Leadership (a peer-to-peer coaching programme) and Inter-University Student Leader Programmes. She has also played a vital role in the design and execution of various programmes for students and facilitated critical discussions with her juniors, peers and staff.

Tan Wei Hong Jason – The Marketing student was one of the pioneers in starting the SUSS OWLs (Our Well-Being Listeners), a peer support group aimed at championing students’ welfare and development, as well as fostering a supportive community in SUSS. As the president of the OWLs, he expanded its outreach to the student population through more mental health initiatives and spaces to support their social and emotional well-being.

As Vincent Van Gogh once shared, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” It is with this mindset that SUSS celebrates its students who continue to explore ways to contribute to the communities around them and share their work of heart with others.

Congratulations once again to the 10 awardees of the SUSS Spirit Award 2022 for your contribution and impact on the community! May you continue to inspire others around you!

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