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SUSS SPIRIT Awards 2019: Serving the Community with Heart

The ten recipients of the SUSS’s Spirit Award 2019 may come from different disciplines, but they all share the same desire in wanting to make a positive impact on society. These students have gone above and beyond the graduation requirements by serving the community with all their heart, and through the process won the hearts of their peers, faculty, staff and community partners.

Many university students face a dilemma having to choose between good grades, sufficient sleep and a vibrant social life. For Business Analytics major, Cindy Yeo, she managed to juggle her service-learning commitments on top of her academics and part-time work. Despite her busy schedule, Cindy still finds time to serve in social causes she is passionate about.

For Social Work student Jacelyn Chia, she has developed a special affinity for the youth community. From working with youths from less-privileged backgrounds to supporting youths with mental health issues, she has been involved in youth-related causes since 2016.

Finance student Chia Rui Yang believes in providing opportunities to help empower marginalised communities and caring for the environment. His participation in Project CREST Lombok allowed him to marry the two – by being involved in coastal restoration efforts as well as educating local Indonesian youths on financial literacy and business management. As a teaching assistant at the Career Development Office (CDO), Rui Yang has also helped his fellow peers develop their resume, cover letter writing and interview skills.

An encounter with the poor in a developing country ignited a spark in the heart of Finance student, Rebecca Chan. Till today, the spark inside her continues to burn bright, kept alight by her desire to make the world a better place. An active member of the People’ Association Youth Executive Committee since 2017, Rebecca has organised multiple community projects that promote social cohesion and bonding within Singapore’s multi-cultural society.

Building an inclusive society is an issue that is close to the heart of Supply Chain Management student Lai Jue Yun, and she found herself advocating for those who were differently-abled. Her experience working with the community came in useful when it came to designing disability simulation activities to educate the participants of the STEP Sociovation Forum 2019. As a leader, she fosters an inclusive and collaborative environment by supporting and empowering her fellow members.

Social Work student Nurul Qistina was also a student leader for the inaugural STEP Sociovation Forum. She created a positive learning environment which enabled the ASEAN students to thrive and helped sustain the team’s bond for months after the event had ended. Beyond just simply doing good, Qistina co-founded a social enterprise, Wanderer International, that uses social media as a tool to educate and empower others to create social impact.

Accounting student Tomas Fong is an outdoor enthusiast at heart. Aside from mentoring youths through the Sailors of SUSS CE programme, Tomas was also one of the participants for the Gobi Desert Challenge. He had stepped up to lead the pre-trip trainings, to ensure that fellow participants were both physically and mentally prepared for the trek. To him, the only limits in life are the ones placed on ourselves and that we should seek out new experiences to challenge one’s self.

Chong Wee Lin’s passion and willingness to serve the community stems from her younger days. Having been on the receiving end from the social service system growing up, Wee Lin chose to follow her heart and pursue a career in social work. Her experience volunteering and working with different groups, from children and youth to the differently-abled, has helped her hone skills that will be useful for her future career in the social sector.

Accounting students Sim Yu Kang and Jonas Yee have both been lured by Laos – albeit through separate YEP programmes. The opportunity to lead their respective teams to serve and learn from communities beyond Singapore’s borders not only enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of Lao culture and the needs of the community but also broadened their worldview. Yu Kang and his team shared basic business lessons to sharpen the business acumen of their deaf beneficiaries, while Jonas and his team engaged the school children through a variety of educational activities.

As Jana Stanfield once said, “I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.” Indeed, it is with this hope that SUSS students find within themselves the heart to serve and inspire others. 

Congratulations to the 10 winners!

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