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SUSS Student Boxers Packed A Punch In Rousing Debut Performance

The triumphant trio celebrating their victory
The triumphant trio - Chua Jie Yang (extreme left), Ryan Ang (second from right) and Millen Loo (extreme right) celebrating their victory together with Teo Wei Xuan, Boxing Interest Group Captain (second from left).

In a remarkable showing of determination and debut, three members of the SUSS Boxing Interest Group (IG) including Ryan Ang (75kg), Millen Loo (62kg), and Chua Jie Yang (60kg), stepped into the ring at the NUS Boxing competition and traded their punches with gold medals!

Featuring a total of 12 exciting boxing bouts involving competitors from six different institutions and universities, the trio’s hard work and work ethic reaped impressive results, with each boxer displaying their grit and triumph. Against the odds, Ryan, Jie Yang and Millen each claimed gold, with referee stoppages signaling their resounding victories. Their success not only showcased the team's unwavering spirit of perseverance, but also underscored the dedication of Team Captain Wei Xuan in honing their boxing skills.

As these achievements reverberated through the community and university, the SUSS Boxing Interest Group (IG), riding high on the waves of triumph, endeavours achieving more milestones and fostering a thriving boxing community in the days ahead.

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