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SUSS Students Participate In WeChat Live Broadcast Outside China

Cindy Yeo, a full-time student from SUSS Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics, together with five other SUSS students, were chosen by WeChat, China's leading mobile messaging application, to be part of the WeChat Open Class PRO 2018 event held on 15 January 2018. 

This was the very first time the event was broadcast live outside of China, and it was also the first time WeChat collaborated with a Singapore university and offered opportunities for students to be involved. Students participating in this project will have the opportunity to complete their Work Attachment (WA) at WeChat. They can also expand the scope and work it into their Applied Project, a 10 Credit Unit (CU) module which students have to complete in their final year. 

SUSS students and WeChat met prior to the live broadcast to discuss and plan suitable creative media as well as content distribution strategies to increase the visibility and awareness of not just the event, but WeChat as a platform, both within Singapore and around ASEAN. Through this experience the students were given invaluable insights into the execution of a large-scale event, and had the chance to participate through hands-on tactical executions such as translation of the event’s marketing collaterals and taking part in the live webcast on Facebook. 

"As a business analytics student, I learned the importance of using a customer-centric approach to analyse customer data in order to translate it into useful and convenient product offerings. WeChat's attention to customer needs spurred my motivation to reposition my analytical thinking to focus more on meeting the needs of consumers," Cindy shared. 

With a tagline of TO BE, the event unveiled WeChat's plans for 2018, which includes WeChat Pay, Mini Programs (Smart Retail), and Enterprise WeChat. The Mini Programs are applications within WeChat that aims to bundle product and/or service offerings of other applications, allowing for better interactivity between users and businesses. 


The SUSS students involved in the WeChat Open Class PRO: 
 (From left) Chew Jun Sheng, Chong Reng Wei, Jolynn Tan Yan Jie, Cindy Yeo Huan and Ou Yang Kuang Xun.


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