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SUSS Voices’ First Independent concert, Cantabile: New Beginnings Concert

SUSS Voices, a subgroup of the SUSS Music Interest Group (MIG), achieved a significant milestone by arranging a solo concert on 2 December 2023 at the “Voices of Singapore” recital hall. Being the debut concert for SUSS Voices, they selected “New Beginnings” as the overarching theme for the event.  

The concert not only raised greater awareness about the choral scene at SUSS but also provided additional performance opportunities for its members. The concert, which involved 14 performers, was conducted successfully in front of a full-capacity audience. It commenced and concluded within the scheduled time frame, and the overall event proceeded smoothly. SUSS Voices presented a repertoire of 14 songs encompassing songs of various languages, Christmas carols, and notably, a medley from the renowned Broadway musical, “Phantom of the Opera”. The platform was a refreshing experience for the members, marking their first solo concert with such a wide-ranging repertoire. 

cantabile photo 3
SUSS Voices serenades the audience with a beautiful duet, “All I Ask of You” from the “Phantom of the Opera” medley composed by Andrew Lloyd Webbe

cantabile photo 1
The lovely singers of SUSS Voices’ concert, “Cantabile: New Beginnings”

It was certainly heartening to witness the audience singing enthusiastically along with the familiar tunes, thoroughly enjoying the concert and showing their support by cheering for the performers. 

Ally Leu, a SUSS Voices member and full-time Marketing student shared, “This was genuinely a momentous occasion for us as our first independent concert. We are so grateful for everyone’s support on this journey to make a concert a success. We hope that this paves the way for Voices to continue and sing our hearts out.” 

cantabile photo 4
SUSS Voices enchants the audience with lights to create a starry night for the song “Vincent”

A big thank you to the SUSS Voices members who worked tirelessly for this event and SUSS Jammers (another subgroup of MIG) who kindly volunteered as the AV crew. The contributions of all members involved were instrumental in ensuring the success and seamless operation of the concert. 

Stay tuned for more performances by SUSS Voices or subgroups under SUSS Music Interest Group!

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