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Team Cook Capital Clinches Championship at the 2024 CFA Research Challenge!

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From left to right: Joseph Lim Hin Kit, Giovanna Lim,
Tan Wei Liang Samuel, and Marcus Kiang, with their triumphant smiles and their prize money.

For the second consecutive year, our stellar squad of Business Analytics and Finance students emerged champions at the 2024 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge! Congratulations to Team Cook Capital, comprising Giovanna Lim, Marcus Kiang, Tan Wei Liang Samuel, and Joseph Lim Hin Kit for their remarkable achievement. A special commendation goes to Tan Wei Liang Samuel, for his exceptional performance which ultimately earned him the Best Speaker award. The team credits their victory to the invaluable training and guidance provided by SUSS Investment Group (SIG), with unwavering support from their advisors. "It takes a village to raise a child," remarked Joseph Lim, highlighting the crucial role of the SIG community and mentors in their success.

Despite facing challenges along the way, the team navigated through demanding schedules and emerged as a formidable force. Samuel Tan shared, "Our motivation came from the desire to showcase SUSS' talent and uphold the legacy of previous CFA champions." Marcus echoed similar sentiments, underlining the team's commitment to representing SUSS with excellence. Giovanna Lim added, "This success ignites our drive for excellence, marking just the beginning of our journey towards even greater heights."

The CFA Research Challenge stands as a global platform providing university students with invaluable opportunities for hands-on mentoring, intensive financial analysis, and rigorous training in professional ethics. Participants, including our victorious team, sharpened their skills in analytics, valuation, report writing, and presentations, allowing them to gain priceless real-world experience. Here's to Team Cook Capital for their well-deserved victory, as they prepare to proudly represent Singapore at the upcoming Sub-Regional Championships next month.

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