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The Pine Cone Project 2019: Giving Back to the Community in India


In June 2019, a group of 14 SUSS students embarked on a Service-Learning project at the Women’s Education Centre in Himachal Pradesh, India. Over a span of ten days, the team conducted lessons on Conversational English, Basic Math and Science, Computer Lessons, and Health and Nutrition.

It was a two-way learning experience as the SUSS team had the opportunity to learn more about women in India, their culture, daily activities and even their philosophical perception towards life.

Mithiran Rethnam, a Year 2 Accountancy Degree student and leader of the project, reflected: “Having the opportunity to lead this team has been a great privilege, as I have not only learnt about a new culture but also gained a wider perspective on life.

It has also been incredibly heart-warming to see a diverse group of SUSS students come together and work hard for several months in order to serve the community well. Overall, this project has made me grow in character and deepen my understanding of the importance of giving back to the community.”

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